Minneapolis: Home of the first (annual?) Internet cat video film festival


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  1. Ian Wood says:

    The whole point of Internet cat culture is to provide the aspects of socialization that dog owners have (via walking, dog parks, etc.) but cat owners do not (because cats think that going for walks and “cat parks” are stupid, like dogs). What will happen if these cat owners get together in real life? Have you ever been to a cat show? Imagine that, but without the fancy breeds and with younger people all babbling in LOLspeak.

    My…god. What is she thinking?

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    I will be Bringing my Dog! aaahahahahahaha

  3. aHarshDM says:

    If this is the first time for the event, it cannot be annual as it did not happen last year. Should the event occur next year, then it will be annual. So sayeth the Associated Press.

  4. Another great example of why Minneapolis is so awesome. I submitted 3 of my own cat videos (1 for each of my fabulous cats!):

    Cat with paw stuck

    Kitten in tea pot

    Fat cat that won’t move to chase a laser

  5. I have a feeling Maru is going to dominate…

  6. sota767 says:

    Finally I’ll be part of the hip crowd that actually understands the art being displayed at the Walker.

  7. rafterman says:

    S. Mpls resident here. I remember when Minneapolis used to be a tough-guy town.

    Heck, even I have a cat. At night, I put it outside. When I get up in the morning, I let it back in. On occasion, I pet it about the face and head as it rolls around on the rug. I even gave it a name. But the amount of energy expended by folks making cat videos befuddles me.

    I predict a high number of men wearing capri’s, fixed gear bicycles, Tom’s shoes, ironic sunglasses, and beet juice smoothies from the Wedge.

    Can’t wait till the national news gets a hold of this. 

    ETA The pan handler quotient is high around the Walker. Leave your American Spirits at home, bring a pack of GPC’s instead.

  8. I got married in the ancient temple. It’s called Sky Pesher, by artist James Turrell. 

  9. JhmL says:

    Indifferent cats in annual internet cat video film festival.

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