Eggs dismayed at own fate


    1. whoa!!!! and my inner voice automatically made a “ber ber ber ber ber” sound… i need sleep

  1. I just can’t get over how perfect it is that the “mouth” yolk is frowning because clearly he was trying to fry all of the eggs with yolk intact. I know when I am making breakfast I make a very similar face when I am trying to get my gooey-fried egg on. 

  2. Apparently Jesus was too busy appearing on a piece of French toast in Encino to show up.

  3. …….if chickens ever picket abortion clinics, this is the picture they will hand out. 

  4. Those yolks are much more orange than the usual store-bought ones. They look DIY. Perhaps you got them from Mark or some other neighbor? (I find that even “free-range” co-op eggs are often pretty yellow, meaning less-flavourful and grain, not grub, raised.)

    1. If you spend a couple of quid or more on 6 eggs it makes a huge difference. Apparently it’s not just about free range. The multi colour (pastel) ones I pick up from Waitrose occasionally are amazing, ignoring the novelty of the shells they have the best yolks of any eggs I’ve bought.

      I think the colour and flavour comes from the feed. I guess a free range chicken and still be given crappy food.

  5. I love eggs.

    And I hope you were going for sunny side up because you missed your window to flip for over easy when you left them to get the camera! ;)

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