Branding is a conspiracy!


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  1. spenze says:

    So this is a Micheal Bay-esque remake of They Live?

  2. Thomas Valley says:

    Notice there are at least 3 QRCodes displayed during this trailer in momentary flashes.  I’d check and see where they lead, but it’s probably just another corporate conspiracy to get me to buy into this movie.

    • ocker3 says:

       I saw about 5, two at a time the first two times

    • Tony Fannin says:

      They appear to be fake commercials from the movie. One was pretty funny. An ad for a pocket machine to test if your beef was contaminated with mad cow disease.

  3. Paul Renault says:

    Of course, there’s nothing ironic about the fact that the main actors, save ms. Dapkūnaitė, are brands in themselves….

    While I’m at it, who goes to Edinburg University to study French! Who? I’m looking at you, Stoppard.

  4. Timothy Krause says:

    What a horrid literalization of memes, language, culture, capital, etc.: a dimly-lit congeries of CG scorpions and brain leeches that couldn’t make the final fight scene in The Avengers. That’s who made me eat all them hamburgers! 

  5. LintMan says:

    I don’t recall the Wall-E marketing.  How was it ironic?

    • pjk says:

      Yeah, there was something going on there, but it would only have been ironic if the purpose of the film was to criticize consumption-driven capitalism in any real way, which was not the case.

    • xian says:

      I wonder if Rob got it mixed up with the marketing for The Lorax?

    • Kevin Bosch says:

      “Buy-n-Large” was the mega-corp that ran the world in the future, that encouraged over-consumption, and led to the mess the world became (and the blobs humans became). Part of the viral marketing was a fake site for what would be present-day Buy-n-Large , which seems a lot like Wal-Mart. I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart carried Wall-E toys anyway.

  6. Omar Kooheji says:

    One of the QR codes leads to an extreme makeover video  
    The other is an advert for a beef tester: 

    I’ve also managed to get images from: 

  7. Looks like fun.  I kinda wish people would stop staying “How far would you go?” in trailers though.  Why is that the big Hollywood power question?


  8. bumblebeeeeeee says:

    easier to believe in aliens (with a purpose), than brands as human created uncaring greed machines…

  9. I guess Adbusters and the BLF can close shop now.  Good job, everybody!

  10. Drabula says:

    Looks pretty good to me, but my expectations for mainstream film are ridiculously low these days. At least it looks dark and a bit nasty. There’s not nearly enough dark and nasty in film these days. Plenty of faux dark and this might end up there too but I’ll give it a shot. The trailer conveys a little bit of Cronenberg to me.

  11. microcars says:

    Is there a name for that “Transformers Sound” that I keep hearing in trailers like this?  It was in BattleShip as well.  Sounds like a giant motor with a bad bearing slowing down.  Is it pre-programmed key on the sound effects board?  Perhaps it is right next to the Wilhelm Scream.

    •  I like to think that this is the sound of a giant robot, rusting beneath the sea, awakening itself with apocalyptic flatulence.  And then massive bubbles erupt on the surface, overturning boats.

      Also I think this is called a bass drop.

  12. The corporations=space aliens analogy is also the premise of As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial by Derick Jensen and Stephnie McMillan. I’d be more excited about this movie if I knew that it also had a talking fox character.

  13. James Le Fever says:

    The aliens plugging into the back of peoples heads kind of reminded me of John Shirley’s novel “Wet Bones” – which I haven’t read in ages….

  14. Cruftbox says:

    Here are the QR codes I found and where they lead to: – for iPhone only, Beef Tester commercial in Russian (Branded_Commercial4.mp4) – for iPhone only, Extreme Cosmetika commercial in Russian (Branded_ExtremeMakeover.mp4) – Yepple Ads
    Which leads to – for iPhone only Burger trailer (Branded_Commercial.mp4) , more QR codes – main site

    When I say iPhone only, it means the page does a Javascript query to see if you are coming from an iPhone, if yes, it plays a video, if no, it give you a black screen.

  15. nvlady says:

    Didn’t Supernatural do all last season on this?

  16. Well I hang around circles where there are a lot of people who firmly believe the world is being secretly controlled by dark sinister forces feeding off human grief and negative emotions. So yeah, I’m hoping Branded can take the ball from where They Live left it ;)

  17. Vinnie Tesla says:

    I dunno–the Lorax selling SUVs was some pretty goddamn stiff competition.

  18. taras says:

    Looks like an interesting film! I don’t  think it’ll come as any surprise to anyone that QR codes are evil, though. fnord

  19. Afonso Loureiro says:

    My first thought was “hmm, the teal-and-orange version of They Live”.

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