Kids' time-travel novella seeks Kickstarting


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  1. DewiMorgan says:

    I think you mentioned at least once that you’re pals with the Amazon people, but please: stop all this free advertising for Amazon’s cash cow, Kickstarter.

    Alternatively, at least also start mentioning projects hosted on the less-sucky crowdfunding solutions – the ones that accept payment systems other than Amazon’s, that accept projects from outside the US, that don’t prevent projects getting funded if they don’t hit the target, etc.

    I ask this, because I’ve found that management I’ve approached begging them to use better solutions, have insisted that they must use the potentially-suicidal Kickstarter, rather than alternatives, because “nobody’s heard of the others”.

    You have the power to let people know about other crowdfunding sites. You have the power to use the word “crowdfunding” instead of “kickstarter” in your headlines.

    Why should Kickstarter get all the press, when it’s one of the worst?

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