Sink that looks like a gap-toothed jaw


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  1. RichBury says:

    It’s part of a display in a shop or store, obviously. Labels and floor markings show this. 

  2. irksome says:

    Toss in the pink wallpaper and it must be a French whorehouse.

  3. kiptw says:

    Now SPIT!

  4. So do you put your bar of soap in the gum hole or wedge a hand towel in there like so many bits of beefy gristle? 

  5. hawkman2 says:

    This was almost certainly taken somewhere in Latin America – I recognize the tap (grifo) and if you look closely it is cold-only – very typical of the region not to have hot water.

  6. dameon matule says:

    I saw an entire series of these sinks in the castle dungeon art gallery in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic about six years ago.

  7. chgoliz says:

    “Gap-toothed” has a specific meaning: that there is a gap between the two front teeth.


  8. sam1148 says:

    Looks nice, but I’m not flossing the sink. 

  9. Ian Wood says:

    That is mine.

    But I need you to bring it to me.

  10. paulj says:

    This looks like the design inspiration for the first house I bought back in the previous century. The seller had “rehabbed” an old house with the intention of flipping it quickly, but if good taste could be rated on a 0 to 10 scale, his was about -20. He apparently selected wallpaper and fixtures from a display like this (other than the sink) and filled the house with it. Not surprisingly, it didn’t sell for a long time and I was able to buy it for cheap.

  11. AnthonyI says:

    Castle Grayskull…

  12. I’m thinking Drug Lord. Has a very narco feel to it.

  13. Cat Mouse says:

    The labels seem to indicate an art show. About time some art made sense. Top stuff.

  14. JhmL says:

    When I was a kid they used to show us slides of mouths like that in the school auditorium, warning us not to push each other while we were drinking from the sinks. Just one among numerous other cautionary horror show slides. Educational.

  15. Tommy says:

    Seems hard to keep clean, but I guess you can use floss.

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