Happy Sysadmin Day!


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  1. RKTR ♫soundcloud.com/rktr says:

    What is the proper way to celebrate?  Buy them wrist supports?

  2. Mark Gerl says:

    As a former SysAdmin I recommend actually getting know your SysAdmin and thanking them personally.  A beer or a cup of coffee, cupcakes for the team, just a small token of esteem as a handshake and  knowing their name goes a long way.  They may have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men but they are human at the core.  (Most of them anyway.)

  3. Gyrofrog says:

    Around here every day is Happy Sysadmin Day.  Mainly ’cause I’m happy for one more day.

  4. My name is Drew, and I am a sysadmin – Hooray! My boss showed me his appreciation by buying me a gyro today. After 16 years as a sysadmin at so many places, this is the first time I’ve had anything on sysadmin day. Thanks, Will!!

  5. Ken! You are amazing and irreplaceable. Thanks!

  6. Here’s how I know being a sysadmin is hard. My brother is co-founder of  of a mid sized web hosting company. One of his dogs runs to him with a worried look every time he gets a text, because so many texts are customer issues.

    But heavy air conditioning is really a thing of the past. Servers should really be stripped of their fans and submerged in vats of mineral oil. A few pumps and chiller similar to the ones used on saltwater reef aquaria can keep the servers cool at a fraction of the cost of air cooling.

  7. jennybreeze says:

    I just saw a contest where you AND your sysadmin can win some kick-ass prizes like a Nexus 7 http://sysadminday.manageengine.com/ Plus looks like it runs through Aug 17th so you can still enter next week.

  8. David Pescovitz says:

    Hooray for our Ken, Boing Boing’s man in the Jefferies tubes!

  9. Ted Kekatos says:

    Happy SysAdmin Day!  Thank you Xeni.    — Ted      Ted@SysAdminDay.com 

  10. Ken Snider says:

    You guys all rock. Thank you :D

    This is my fifteenth year as a “Professional” Sysadmin, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    But man, 15 years really cements in the Pavlovian response when you get a page, let me tell you!

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