Sight: haunting short sf movie

"Sight," a short film and grad project from Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, is one of those science fiction stories that don't treat the technology as a larger-than-life operatic prop, but rather try to present something extraordinary (a heads-up display built into your eye) as though it were ordinary. It's the best science fiction magic trick of all, and it's one that very few big SF summer blockbusters ever get right (I'm looking at you, Spiderman, with your "lab" that looks like a call center ringed by glassed-in conference room where the marketing department is temporarily storing its trade-show exhibits).

Great work, and my favorite brand of visual sf. As JWZ notes, it's reminiscent of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror.



  1. Production was top notch, but the acting was horrible. Guess it’s easier to find grad-level FX artists and production designers than on-screen talent.

    Plus, didn’t Futurama do this already?

  2. I disagree.  The AI was the main character.  The actors were merely props.  And that’s my complaint with most sci-fi.

  3. I thought the acting was pretty good — the guy hit the geeky-programmer dead-on with a flattened-affect being helped-out by his sight-enabled-dating-game-thing. the woman was nervous and awkward, like  a woman might be on a blind date with somebody who has an odd, flattened affect, and doesn’t even know how to describe what he’s wearing.

  4. I love watching these things. Here’s a similar concept video that kottke linked to a few months ago:

  5. I loved it! For such a short film, there was a nice story arc.  I enjoyed it more and have more to think about from it than the latest Spiderman without a doubt.

    I nearly LOL at throwing away the half cut cucumber because of single FAIL.

    As OtherMichael said, I thought the acting was spot on.

  6. Well done, but ew!
    What’s up with the male/female funny job titles in the credits. Guys were genius, robot, wizard, maestro, girls were amazon, fairy, siren. Good on Boaz Bachman for stepping outside that game.
    After all these years it still remains less fun if you try to shoehorn yourself into the smurfette roles. I noticed that in Ready Player One as well.

  7. I do hope we will never develop that for everyday situations! But it might happen and then we’ll be ending up in recovering from addiction to that… not to mention being controlled by whoever produces those apps… on the bright sight, I will dead by when that    happens!!!

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