Excerpt from Devil Said Bang, the forthcoming Sandman Slim novel


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  1. lloydv says:

    I can’t wait! I didn’t expect there would be a fourth book in the series, so this is a pleasant surprise.

  2. Chad Smith says:

    I’ve been waiting for this release all summer.  So far I’ve listened to the audible versions of the first three books, and have been sucked in to the series.

    One small irksome thing I found with Aloha From Hell was the restating of details from earlier books.  I know that in the business of being an author there may be pressure to do this so it can be a stand alone book.  Also, it may be more of an irritation because I listened to it; while reading it may have a different feel in those parts.

    Besides that miniscule complaint, I love the series.  The grittiness, and the unique takes on religious and folklore themes, all make it a hoot.

  3. Jim Nelson says:

    Already preordered, and should be waiting for me when I get back from Burning Man. God, what a fun series.

  4. I just read the first two books, and got my buddies into them too. By the time this comes out, it will be perfect timing for me to read it. 

  5. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    Woo Hoo ! Can’t wait ! Pre ordered…..

  6. Crashproof says:

    “Kill the Dead” was lots of fun but I forgot to look for his author books, so thanks for the reminder.

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