Patrick Farley reboots Cloverfield

The great (and maddeningly erratic) Patrick Farley has a typically awesome new comic up: "Cloverfield Rebooted," in which the monster's true nature is revealed.

Cloverfield Rebooted (via JWZ)


  1. Not enough shakey-cam.  I could actually see what was going on in that comic.  Also, the characters weren’t whiney enough, and I didn’t wish violent, monster-related death upon them.

  2. Given a choice, I think I’d pay to read that comic over sitting 2 hours to see the movie for free.

    1. Me too. Sad and creeped out. I’m definitely an omnivore, but I draw the line at eating anything sentient. I don’t care if it wants me to, just… ick.

  3. This, I imagine, is what you would see if you looked at a ginger root after consuming a good fist-full of psychedelics. 

  4. I like it, but is it supposed to be satirical? I mean, it doesn’t seem to relate at all to Cloverfield, even in the look of the monster–is the “concept” here that it’s a joke about how reboots are often totally different in story and tone from the originals?

        1. Yeah, I agree with the commenter who said, ”
          Somehow this feels more horrifying than the original.”

  5. Cory should have noted that the parent page is Farley’s new sketch blog. There’s some great stuff there already. I’m surprised that the Siri comic wasn’t plugged on Boing Boing. 

    1. I think that this might be the best medium of publication for Farley, since, as Cory points out, he can be maddeningly erratic. (I’d get into something that he’d done in the past, only to wait for another installation… and wait, and wait… and then have him come out with something else that I’d be all what is this I don’t even.) 

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