HOWTO bake a cake inside the skin of an orange

Here's a cute idea from CHOW and Chris Rochelle for baking chocolate cakes in campfire coals, using scooped-out orange peels as molds:

Cut the tops off about 10 oranges and scoop out the pulp. Fill the oranges three-quarters of the way with chocolate cake batter (cake mix works fine), then put the orange tops back on and wrap each orange in aluminum foil. Place directly onto the smoldering coals of the campfire, avoiding any intense flames, and cook for about 30 minutes, turning once or twice.

I've had sorbet served in an orange and pate served in an orange (AKA "meat fruit). Both were delicious. You could probably do a whole meal inside of citrus peels.

Step Up the S'more: 7 Ideas for Campfire Treats by Chris Rochelle (via Neatorama)


  1. Did this last weekend in fact. It works wonderfully and the cake is deliciously orange-infused. We used the pulp and juice as a glaze for steaks after reducing it for awhile.

  2. I did this once in summer camp, about 20 years ago.  You get a nice flavor from the orange (and probably the smoke) but the crumb-to-crust ratio obviously changes.

  3. I also did this on a camping trip about twenty-five years ago (the same camping trip where, among other things, I got my troop lost on a hike, set a field on fire, and cooked a chicken on a spit).

    The part that I missed was keeping the top of the orange and using it as sort of a lid. The lower part of the cake was delicious. The upper part of the cake tasted like smoke and ashes.

  4. I did this at camp when I was a kid.  We used white cake batter and it was delicious.

  5. I tried that ages ago when I was in Girl Scouts, it wasn’t that successful. I ended up with a burnt, orange infused chocolate pudding. After that culinary mishap my troop stuck to making s’mores.

  6. Tips from someone who’s actually done in a campfire recently: 3/4 full is way too much batter if you don’t want it to ooze out the sides. Try 1/2 full. Also, you can use the juice from the fruit in the batter itself for more orangey-chocolate deliciousness.

    One box of cake mix makes a dozen or so oranges, so beware of that if you’re camping solo.

    1. One box of cake mix makes a dozen or so oranges, so beware of that if you’re camping solo.

      I don’t see the issue here…?

  7. When I was in Girl Scouts, we made a cake type thing on the fire, but we used cleaned out cans, (like the ones used for canned beans or chili.) we filled the cans about half way with pie filling and then added a few tablespoons of dry cake mix on top. It’s pretty delicious if you have been eating camp food for a week or two.

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