Kickstarting a fun card-battling game

Darren sez, "Obsidian Abnormal is the creator of Commissioned, a madcap webcomic with zombies, gnomes, ninjas, cats and nerds. So Obsidian and I made a card game that pits them against each other - 3v3: Commissioned. It's a unique spin on deck-building. While every card has the normal attack values, defense values and special abilities on it, you can only use a third of three different cards to cobble together a hand."

Premiums for this Kickstarter include a ride in an airship! Darren's also the guy who did Monster Alphabet, another great Kickstarter project.

3v3 is a unique battling card game. Every hand you draw three cards. Each card has an attack, a defense and a special ability, but you have to pick which card is your attack, which is your defense and which is your ability. Then you play your three cards against your opponent's three cards.

You can score up to three points in a hand, and the first one to 10 points wins the round. But every time your opponent scores a point, you have to remove a card from your deck. This creates a fast-paced and fun gaming environment, with quick thinking needed to pick which cards to send to the scoreboard.

3v3: The Commissioned Comic Card Game


  1. It would have been interesting to have some type of card design that could be overlaid to create the new 3v3 card.

  2. Personally, I like my game which is called Card Game. You play a player in a card game, and in Phase 1 you build your deck by playing cards such as “buy a pack” and “select a card”. Phase 2 begins when there are no cards left to select. Then, players take turns playing cards such as “play a card” and “weird rule loses you a card”. You can also play “card gives you an advantage” cards which give you an advantage, but mainly you play “I win/you lose” cards. At the end of the game, the player with the most win cards wins.

    In elimination tournament play, at the end of the game players burn the cards (the “elimination” part) and vow never to play Card Game again.

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