Man in rural China loses arms in industrial accident, makes his own prostheses

Sun Jifa, from Jilin province, China, made his own homebrew prosthetic arms after losing his own in a "fishing related explosion." The hospital that treated him after the accident recommended a set of expensive factory-made limbs that were out of his price-range, so the 51-year-old made his own. He says that the steel is heavy and is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. But they are still evidently superior to nothing at all, which seems to have been his other option.

Sun Jifa, Chinese Man, Creates DIY Prosthetic Limbs After Losing Hands In A Fishing Accident (PHOTOS) (via /.)

(Image: a downsized, cropped thumbnail from a larger image found on the Huffington Post, credited to "CEN")


    1. Seems odd for a quarter-stick to blow off both arms. More likely (based on my massive 5 months experience of Gulf fishing ;-) is a fire in the bilge; our intrepid fisherman tried to put it out; got his arms covered in burning fuel; amputation required due to “blood poisoning.”

      Our rule of thumb was to ventilate and then pump the bilge, before even daring to look at the engine.

  1. First opportunity to not feel good about myself today: laughing at the phrase “fishing related explosion”.

      1. one of those that the authorities said was better left *un*solved.

        but yeah, this guy is my fucking hero.

    1. How do you half fuck somebody? And who would half fuck Iron Man when Thor is around?

  2. How? With his prehensile toes? I mean, I can’t imagine building extra hands with my working hands, how was he able to finagle it without hands?

    1.  I’d really like to know how exactly he did that, as well. Either way, it’s really impressive.

  3. The man lost his hands, not his arms. I hate it when the media compulsively exaggerates. It’s like listening to a kid who compulsively tells wild lies about himself because he wants you to think he’s cool.

    Having arms, he could tape or strap tools to the limbs to manipulate steel. I would imagine he had friends help out with the really intricate stuff, like anchoring the wires inside or doing the light welding I see around the wrists. Things like that would be very hard to do with his compromised dexterity.

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