BICYCLE: 2m long, detailed, grotesque bike-ride through London


4 Responses to “BICYCLE: 2m long, detailed, grotesque bike-ride through London”

  1. dunnno says:

    Second closeup : “Nique ta race” “F*ck your race” race read as ethnic. Funny, as i can read a lotta other wordplays or easter eggs

  2. McGreens says:

    Purchased. Now to find a 33cm x 2m frame…

  3. Arys says:

    I saw these when I was at TCAF at the beginning of the summer. Beautiful and completely drool-worthy!

  4. saianjuma1 says:

    Reminds me of Endless New York (and Endless London) … a “myriorama” illustrated by my good friend Mark Bischel

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