Breaking Bad art show in Los Angeles


7 Responses to “Breaking Bad art show in Los Angeles”

  1. Boundegar says:

    I’m sure that’s a respirator on Walt’s head, and not a cap with adorable puppy ears.

  2. Ben Frazier says:

    Not to sound like a nitpicky jerk, but that’s Gallery 1988. 

  3. hymenopterid says:

    Anybody else ever notice how Walt and Jessie fail 100% of the time to actually interlock the tabs on those plastic storage boxes? 
    It always irritated me. It’s unprofessional and imprecise. I’m surprised Gus let it slide.

  4. Christina Ward says:

    Some members of our Maker Guild, the Plush Team, have some amazing plush versions of Walter and Co. in this show! Go see it!

  5. Halloween_Jack says:

    Also, a link out to a bigger GIF of the lab setup, which fascinates me immensely.

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