MakeShop: a hackspace in Dublin


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  1. hey this hacker/makerspace looks pretty cool, like a pub :) 
    some days ago i found a nice article about local tool lending libraries and supporting software:

  2. Lorcan Nagle says:

    I popped in yesterday at lunchtime (tempted by the Makerbot in the window to see if they were actually selling them, but alas no).  It’s a very cool little initiative;  the Science Gallery’s been doing a lot of awesome stuff as part of their Hack the City exhibition, including sponsoring Dublin’s first mini-maker fare last month and helping to set up makershop

  3. johnrynne says:

    I was there last week and made the “I can solder” badge. It’s in a nice location and the staff are very helpful.

  4. HubrisSonic says:

    send me a physical address and we can send you guys some TokyoHackerSpace stickers.

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