Realistic drawing of a torn-up playing card

[Video Link] From James Gurney: Mark Crilley tears up a playing card and then creates a matching trompe l'œil in time lapse.


    1. I think it is very unreal. Look at it as a stereogram. (like those magic eye posters)
      It is spot on in every detail. Only the colors of his medium distinguish a different character. He is using some kind of device to overlay the image as he draws. Perhaps simple pieces of glass to reflect the image to his eye, while the camera can capture the drawing from another place. Even the shadow is spot on. 
      Sorry to spoil. 

        1. I recognize someone can have an uncanny talent to make a pic that looks as if a photo. The image is not just an amazing similarity, it is exactly the same in every way except the coloring. He has not shown the ability to artistically create realistically. He has pretended to do that, while simply tracing an image.
          “Photorealism is the genre of painting based on using cameras and photographs to gather visual information and then from this creating a painting that appears photographic.”

  1. Nice: You will also enjoy Zarko Stefancic: who has been drawing the contents of his pockets and the like for decades. 

  2. He once came very close to catching the Roadrunner by drawing a trompe l’oiel  tunnel on the side of a mountain.

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