1967 JPL employment ad, remixed: now with more Mars Curiosity "Mohawk Guy"


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  1. mindysan33 says:

    Le sigh…. that’s quite nice.  More please.

  2. DewiMorgan says:

    Funny because JPL is normally so careful to dot the ‘i’s…

  3. Anyone interested in the beginnings of JPL has to check out “Strange Angel: The otherworldly life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons”

    Fascinating book.

  4. robcat2075 says:

    That original ad looked like they were hoping William F. Buckley would join up.  Maybe they were.

    • abstract_reg says:

      There is an alternate universe where William F. Buckley did join the JPL which kept him busy, and everything that ever went wrong in this one didn’t happen.

  5. Bloo says:

    Just as a matter of curiosity, I wonder what would happen if JPL did a Kickstarter thing?  Could they spend the money without some bureaucrats routing it through various funds-skimming mechanisms?

  6. robcat2075 says:

    Where are the culture police who damned that French opera company in the other thread for misappropriating native American culture?  Surely this merits their very stern indignation. 

    I suspect Bobak Ferdowsi has no more authentic heritage to represent native Americans than the members of that opera company.

  7. marilove says:

    He looks like that Zachary Quinto dude from Star Trek.  

    • twency says:

      You’re right, although I tend to think of him as “that Zachary Quinto dude from Heroes”.  It’s the eyes and the light stubble that make them look particularly similar, I think.

  8. toyg says:

    He missed one detail though: “Right now openings exist in: [...]“. That sentence really is from another era. These days there are no “openings”: I bet even at JPL they’re all “unpaid internships” or (if you’re lucky)  “contractor opportunities”.

  9. jpgsawyer says:

    Hmm and here was I thinking he looked like Peter Andre (Okay one for the UK and Australians to cringe at.)

  10. silkox says:

    Would be much better with a comm headset.

  11. Mohawk guy makes me proud to be a citizen of the internet.

  12. MikeJones1208 says:

    Bobak changed the stars to “JPL” in Morse Code.

  13. Frode Helland says:

    Why did he remove the tittles in “fiction”?

  14. Andreas Schou says:

    Slightly pedantic note: Bobak Ferdowsi is Iranian, not Polish. There’s no ‘k’ in his name.

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