On the terminal nature of copyright licenses

A fine observation from the clever Kevin Marks, about the fact that your "license" to use you DRM media (ebooks, games, music) expires when you die: "How is it that copyright lasts 70 years after death, but licenses expire at death?" (via Techdirt)

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  1. jerwin says:

    I inherited my Dad’s kindle books–or to be more specific, I inherited his account. Since I hadn’t been using my amazon account to do anything other than buying real books, his was substituted for mine, and that suited me.

    However, when Bruce Willis dies, his children will have  well-used accounts of their own, and a more elegant solution would be called for.

  2. Sean Breakey says:

    This is based on the assumption that modern copyright law is balanced and fair.

  3. lvl99 says:

    Digital heirlooms

  4. B E Pratt says:

    Er, here is where being pedantic is useful: ‘ “license” to use you DRM’
    PLEASE, please fix that!

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