The best cat video on the Internet


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  1. Jason says:

    I can haz existentialism?

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    Warning, watching the entire film festival at home takes a couple hours and really isn’t as good without the laughter of 10,000 other viewers.

    On a side note, the film fest caused a traffic jam and pretty much filled my neighborhood with cars.    Good times.

  3. Thad says:

    At last, after sixty years of life, I understand what all those French films were about

  4. franko says:

    it is brilliant in its simplicity. a fine choice, i say.

  5. Kevin Carson says:

    Very nice. Still not as good as Bert the Cat.

  6. petz79 says:

    Even worse French than the first part, but still funny. Funny in an existencialistic way.

  7. Paul Renault says:

    I listened to it, but without watching it. 

    I suspect that the narrator either learned his french from waiters who were deservedly-out-of-work  actors, or from watching episodes of ‘Friends’…

    Edited to add: I have forgotten just how unbelievably bad ALL of the actors were at speaking what was supposed to be french in 1995′s ‘The American President’. It’s like we were back to jewish actors playing ‘injuns’ in westerns.

    He should have gone with Lii-uc Teyssier from ‘French Kiss’.  At least Kevin Klein is fluent.

    • xkot says:

      I thought that for a chat, his French was pretty bon.

    • Jake0748 says:

       Lighten up dude.  This is an internet  cat video we’re talkin’ about here.

    • TheMudshark says:

      You French speaking people have it good compared to us German speakers, how they butcher our language. You´d think Nazis out of all people would know how to pronounce German.

      • Paul Renault says:

         As a teenager, I knew that Hogan Heroes’ ‘Schultz was German, but I wasn’t sure about the Germans on the show ‘Rat Patrol’…

        So I took German in high school, just so I could find out.  Bonus: I was able to find out what one of the inside jokes on the show was.

        /And really, I still can’t get over just how badly the actors in (the large budget, almost-the-21st-century-so-what’s-the-excuse?) ‘The American President’ mangle the french.  It’s a spectacular achievement, really.

  8. Lis Riba says:

    Walker Arts Center also created a Youtube playlist of the entire program . It’s 79 videos with a running-time just under 2 hours.

    They also have a second playlist of “honorable mentions”

  9. timquinn says:

    ” . . . and sometimes the cat door . . . is closed.”

    Oh, I weep.

  10. IndexMe says:

    Only best if you like ennui. Boredom. If it is the best how come I get nauseated partway through and have to stop it before killing myself whereas all the other BB cat vids even stills have me rolling on the floor until I am nearly asphyxiated? (In a good way?)

  11. jazzbo says:

    i laughed til i cried,

    then, having wept, my experience was complete.

  12. Dan Linfield says:

    next will be les quatre cents meows.

  13. A. . says:

    This is a pretty serious catctor.

    • A. . says:

      EDIT: sort of like the Gerard Depardieu of the cat world.  Also, I will take this moment to plug my dadaist love-poem twitter feed: #stuffmyheartsez.  

  14. Amy Ranger says:

    You guys are so late to this party… serious cat-o-philes have been weeping over Henri and his ennui for months now. Meow!

  15. Autonymous Media Daemon says:

    An IRL cat vid film fest was a terrible idea, and I’m not surprised that this won.

  16. Onze Jermain says:

    Really cool cat, I Also have a Kitten named Mira, she just had her new teeth. I have a movie of her on my blog and youtube, just look for OnzeJermain and you will find us. I film almost every day. I am dutch, but i can vlog in English. SO if you wanne see us just look for me on the web.

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