Shih Tzu pup tries to jump on bed with huge stuffed toy — but oops! It doesn't go as planned (video)

A tiny Shih Tzu pup named Pearl was carrying her favorite new toy — an oversized plush fish — when she tried to jump onto a bed. But oops, even the best athletes sometimes miscalculate, and Pearl is no exception.

Looking like a plushie herself, she faceplanted into the top of the bed and then bounced right back down to the floor. But you have to hand it to the acrobatic pooch. Not only did she make a successful second attempt, she performed both stunts without missing a beat, and without ever letting go of her stuffed toy.

Her human happened to catch it on video, and I'm so glad she thought to replay the silly blooper in slow motion. (See clip below, posted by Evalyn.)

Via Newsweek
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