Patrick Warburton has provided some deliciously vague non-hints about the upcoming season of The Venture Bros.

Be still my Venture-fan heart -- Patrick Warburton, who voices career assassin-slash-bodyguard Brock Samson on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros., was approached at an event promoting the syndication of his sitcom Rules of Engagement about what was going to happen to his character in the upcoming fifth season of the show. And then he said a group of words that amounted to just about nothing:

“Something happens with S.P.H.I.N.X. [Ed. note: S.P.H.I.N.X.!] Something happens. You like that? And I’m not holding back. That’s all I know. I know something happens. I’m not sure what it is.”

There you have it, folks! Warburton isn't talking. At least he's not talking details. At least not any details that he knows about. But we'll know a teensy bit more next month when the Halloween special airs, and in the meantime, co-creator Jackson Publick released some stills from that special that we can all gaze upon. And honestly, who isn't happy to hear any kind of news from Venture-town, even if it contains exactly zero new information?

Patrick Warburton Teases Brock’s Storyline in Venture Bros. Season 5 [Spinoff Online]

Screenshots from season 5 in glorious extra-color [The Mantis-Eye Experiment]


  1. Livejournal is having major trouble trying to serve up that webpage.  I finally managed to get it to load, but only after lots and lots of F5s.  The stills are looking good, shame it’s going to be 2.5 years between seasons.

    It’s interesting that Adventure Time is likely going to premier its fifth season at about the same time, even though Adventure Time’s first episode premiered during Venture Brother’s fourth season. 

    1. THIS.  I love this show, but with a show that is somewhat serialized, having 2.5 years between seasons is tough.  I always completely forget what was happening to the characters at the end of the previous season.  5th season will start in 2013, so they are averaging 13 episodes per 2 years :(

      1. As much as I love The Venture Bros. (God do I) and I’d rather them take their time to make a quality product, the fact that every episode of the show requires that you have an extensive working memory of everything that has gone on so far within the shockingly deep mythology of this show makes it terrible to try and keep up with it during these long waiting periods.  It’s not a program you can watch in a vacuum.  To get the full “experience” you really have to know what’s going on in detail and for the life of me I only have the vaguest recollection of where they left the story at this point.  I’m probably going to have to watch AT LEAST season four leading up to this to feel prepared.

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