Adult Swim just released the intro for My Adventures With Superman

Before you know it, everything will become anime. 

To say that anime's popularity has exploded in the last 20 years would be an enormous understatement. Anime has gone from being a niche medium that only appeared to cater to children and man-children to a pop culture juggernaut in record time. 

However, as the popularity of manga and anime has reached new heights, American comics, and cartoons have started to fall by the wayside. The box office dominance of the Marvel cinematic universe might lead one to believe that American comics are more popular than ever, but the superhero movie boom has only benefited the public's awareness of comic book IPs rather than the industry's sales figures. In an attempt to capture the youth, several publishers have started to retrofit their characters in an anime style for various movies and television shows

In the video linked above, you can check out the intro for Adult Swim's My Adventures With Superman, which gives the Man of Steel a modern anime-esque makeover.