CC-licensed nerdy feature film breaks Kickstarter record

Ben sez, "Our feature film comedy about roleplaying gamers and collectible card games, The Gamers: Hands of Fate, is just finishing up a very successful campaign on Kickstarter [ed: $384,174 and rising at the time of writing] and we wouldn't be here without Boing Boing. Reading this site taught us how to go directly to the fans, stop worrying about piracy, and embrace a 'dandelion' distribution model. We are now just a few thousand away from becoming the most-funded film on Kickstarter to date, for a movie about gaming that will be released online for free under a Creative Commons license. Thank you for the many years of content and commentary that convinced us to go this direction, rather than getting stuck in Hollywood!" (Thanks, Ben!)


  1. As an independent filmmaker and kickstarter alum, I’m excited to see a film in the kickstarter spotlight again for funds raised. No offense to the creators of smart watches and video games, but it’s time to share the goal-breaking spotlight!

  2. Uh is it too much to ask to write accurate headlines? The text clearly says that they haven’t broken the record yet. If anything, this may discourage people from giving more.  And who knows, they might not actually break the record. Talk about Shroedinger’s Cat.

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