Bald eagle with 3D printed prosthetic beak

A bald eagle named Beauty whose beak was shot off by poachers has been fitted with a 3D printed, prosthetic beak by her helpers at Birds of Prey Northwest. The prosthetic isn't stable enough for a release back into the wild, but the bird can now feed and groom herself, rather than relying on humans.

But raptor specialist Jane Fink Cantwell, who dresses like Indiana Jones, refused to take “dead bald eagle” for an answer. She joined forces with mechanical engineer Nate Calvin of Kinetic Engineering Group, and together with other scientists, engineers, and even a dentist, they designed a nylon polymer beak that would perfectly replace Beauty’s lost upper mandible.

Calvin developed the new beak using a 3-D modeling program, then used a 3-D printer to fabricate it. After an arduous procedure to attach her prosthetic, Beauty was able to eat, drink, and preen herself on her own.

Injured bald eagle gets new 3-D printed beak (via /.)


      1. I think he meant the technology used by the creative & compassionate professionals that designed it!  At least that’s my interpretation… a given that humans ultimately saved the bird.

  1. Great story. And the comments on the article are full of conservatards who are more concerned that someone may have an opinion on guns that isn’t 100% positive.

    1. Something tells me that the idiots who shot the bird in the first place probably own a lot of bald-eagle emblazoned paraphernalia. “Just look at that beautiful creature! A majestic symbol of freedom and American self-determination if ever there was one. Let’s shoot it!”

        1. …By each let this be heard.Some do it with a bitter look,Some with a flattering word.The coward does it with a kiss,The brave man with a sword!And some assholes just use a shotgun.

  2. Needs more blinking LEDs, but otherwise awesome project!

    (For the humor impaired, I’m kidding on the LEDs.)

  3. Magnificent work.  It arouses my curiosity on a few points.  I know birds use their beaks for feeling.  Does the beak contain any living tissue?   Will the beak eventually grow out to restore itself?  If so, how long will it take?

  4. “The prosthetic isn’t stable enough for a release back into the wild. . . ”

    They need to Kickstart a titanium beak project.  I’d be in for $20.

      1. My understanding is that during a sexual position known as “69”, his Humpty nose will cause a tickling sensation on his partner’s posterior region.

  5. UPDATE: The eagle has been able to fire three shots out of her prosthetic beak, but cracked the barrel on the fourth.  She has been detained for further questioning.

  6. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous, petty uses for 3D printers, but this has to be one of the BEST! Now, if they could only print new 3D brains for the poachers.

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