Sword of Fargoal 2: classic dungeon-crawler adventure on Kickstarter


5 Responses to “Sword of Fargoal 2: classic dungeon-crawler adventure on Kickstarter”

  1. corydodt says:

    I’m sick of “retro”. That is all.

  2. Bobby Martin says:

    No android?

  3. the_wakeful says:

    No love for android? Now I’m sad.

  4. Paul Pridham says:

    If we can get it all wrapped up, then an Android version will happen.

    • John Clavis says:

      Really? How long has the original “Sword of Fargoal” phone game been on iOs? Because I just looked for it in the Android Store and I don’t see it. So I guess that game isn’t “all wrapped up”, either. Listen, I really enjoyed playing “Sword of Fargoal” on my C64, but I do not appreciate the “We’ll do it for Android once it makes money on iOs and has been out for six months or a year. Maybe.” business model. No offense. Good luck to you. Let me know when you’re raising money for an Android version of something and I’ll happily pitch in.

      EDIT: Oh, it came out in *2010*?? And there’s no Android version 2+ years later? How “wrapped up” does it need to be? What are you, mummifying it? I think it’s safe to say that your business model doesn’t include Android. Nice try, though.

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