Turing and Burroughs: a beatnik SF novel by Rudy Rucker


6 Responses to “Turing and Burroughs: a beatnik SF novel by Rudy Rucker”

  1. B E Pratt says:

    Absolutely sounds like the type of gleeful insanity we’ve come to expect from Rudy, bless his twisted brain :)

  2. MrJM says:

    “What if”?

    “What if”?!?
    What do you mean, “What if“???

  3. Evil Paul says:

    Should have been titled Turing/Burroughs, amirite?

  4. Genre Slur says:

    The best thing about Rudy’s retirement has been his increased output. Teep that vibby goo, yo!

  5. caseyd says:

    this would be an excellent Dr. Who episode

  6. Lantom Fung says:

    Isn’t there a Rucker short story based on this premise? 

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