Sofa whose cracks organize things instead of swallowing them

Lost in Sofa, by Japanese designer Daisuke Motogi, is a piece of furniture with deliberate gaps in the upholstery, intended to be used for storage of books and other items.

huzi design | 设计产品 | Lost in Sofa | huzi design (via Bookshelf)


19 Responses to “Sofa whose cracks organize things instead of swallowing them”

  1. Rider says:

    That’s just going to capture even more crap. 

  2. Sekino says:

    It’s a cute idea for anyone without kids under 10, unless you want the entire content of your pantry in the couch.

  3. crystaljeanwest says:

    After a while, I think this would become uncomfortable to sit on?  If I want storage I’ll buy a shelf – I really don’t want anyone stuffing things into the couch.

  4. This looks like a great way to store and organize all of my crumbs and cat hair! :D

  5. stuck411 says:

    Looks like someone beat me in making a crumb catching comment. But I will be the first to make note that in the winter it’s always harder to find something because you have ‘X’ extra pockets. With this you’ll be spending hours trying to find where you put the remote. Creative, though.

  6. Daneel says:

    $9500? For that price it had better be totally reconfigurable.

  7. RedShirt77 says:

    Yeah, unless it like snaps off and you can shake out all the cracks, this thing is the Sarlac of potato chips.

  8. GoatLordMessiah says:

    Why not modular furniture made with cubes that attach to each other with velcro/Molle-type attachment anchoring/magnets?

  9. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I look forward to seeing the inevitable Itteh Bitteh Sofa Crack Committeh.

  10. blueelm says:

    If you were the sort of person who could make this sofa organize your crap instead of becoming the craptastic center of your house full-o-crap then you wouldn’t need this sofa because you’d never lose crap in your sofa :/

  11. Wingnut says:

    It would be helpful if the sofa came with a length of rope to “floss” the gaps clean.

  12. Vanwall Green says:

    i can hear the ilomilo soundtrack in my head while i watch this.

  13. Sing Chan says:

    you know what, my kids would love to insert their drawings into it!

  14. Ray Perkins says:

    I’m guessing Mr. Motogi slept through the lesson on ergonomics. Well, at least unwelcome visitors won’t be staying long.

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