Breaking Bad IRL: chemistry teacher busted for cooking meth, selling at school where he teaches


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  1. Michael Rosefield says:

    I’ve just started watching Breaking Bad and am racing through it as fast as I can. The hardest thing is wanting to read reviews and opinions on it but avoiding them due to spoilers.

    I realise this is entirely tangential to the story, but I think it is important enough that you should all know. Tell your friends of my pain and suffering.

  2. SamSam says:

    I can’t wait to find out if he was inspired by Breaking Bad.

    My hunch: he was, and he believed that as a chemistry teacher he’d be able to replicate Walt’s wondrous ability to create the most amazing meth ever, and became disappointed when he realized there wasn’t any difference between his stuff and stuff cooked in someone’s garden shed…

  3. chgoliz says:

    “He has not been fired. The school has placed him on administrative release, pending investigation. Police do not believe that any of his buyers were students at the school.”

    Oh, well, in that case….

  4. Sean Breakey says:

    It should be noted that because of the teacher’s union in the US, firing a teacher for any reason, (even blatant criminality), is a time consuming and labourious process.  I’m assuming he’ll get fired as soon as they can weave their way through the red tape.

    With the way the system is designed, it might even take more then a year, (there are several arbitrary deadlines, and if the appropriate red tape isn’t completed in time, you have to start from square one).

    • rocketpjs says:

       Unions have nothing to do with ‘innocent until proven guilty’.  If you fire an employee for being acceused (but not convicted) of something you are setting yourself up for a massive lawsuit – especially if he is acquitted.

      But go ahead with your refrain on the old ‘teachers unions make the world a crappy place’ song that comes up every time anything happens to do with teachers. 

  5. naught_for_naught says:

    As we know from season 1, the real challenge for the scientist turned entrepreneur lies in setting up a relaible distribution network.  I always thought Jessie was terribly undervalued.

  6. Heh, I had a conversation with my girlfriend just a few days back in this vein, assuming that at least 1 teacher has seen the show, and thought ‘hm, this could work’, and done it.

  7. Brainspore says:

    That explains why he had suddenly taken to wearing that new hat whenever hanging around the parking lot.

  8. Well the guy should know what todo now – Call Saul

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