Steampunk Nintendo casemod

Redditor Andrew5785 refurbed an elderly Nintendo system for a covetous steampunk nephew, turning it into a sweet little contrafactual brass retrofuture contraption.

Steam-Punk Nintendo: Built this for my nephew that likes steam-punk and wanted my old Nintendo. (


  1. Pretty sweet, but needs more brass IMO. Or maybe just some clear yellow lacquer?

    Also, it must be getting hard to find a display to plug one of these into these days… did they all use an RF signal, or was composite video an option?

    1.  The ones I’ve had included the RF-out which would connect into the antenna in/cable in for the TV. Usually this would be on channel 3 or 4.  Beside that connector there was a mono-audio and a video RCA type connector.  These work just fine today with TVs that have an AV IN set of connectors or a receiver which has this and up-samples the output to HDMI for your modern TVs.  I use this for my NES and SNES to this day with modern TVs.

  2. This is kind of overwhelming. It’s retro nostalgic technology, dressed up as futuristic alternative historic fantasy technology and I think it makes me dizzy. That being said… I have actually played my ancient NES which I have carried along with me since early childhood, like some kind of blankie, within the last five years just because I had to know if it still worked. 

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