Princess Vader goes to Disneyland

This little girl reportedly visited Disneyland with her parents in her adorable princess Vader Hallowe'en costume, taking it for a test drive. Rsharich, the redditor who posted the pic, doesn't mention how the day went, but I assume it was, you know, epic.

Friends took their daughter dressed like this, all day, to Disneyland (


    1. There’s a moment in the Return of the Jedi when Vader realizes Luke has a sister, and says, “If you will not turn to the Dark Side, then perhaps she will.”  How great that movie would have been if she had.  This photo is proof.

      1. Theres a few What If comics (Star Wars: Infinities) where things get slightly changed. To quote tvtropes:

        In A New Hope, Luke fails to destroy the Death Star because one of his torpedoes malfunctions. As a result, the Empire catches several Rebels trying to escape Yavin, including Leia, who Vader trains as his apprentice. In the meantime Luke trains with Yoda, and after five years he confronts Vader and Leia, ultimately ending when Yoda Colony Drops the Death Star on top of the Emperor’s palace.

  1. My first thought was “is this any different than what is done to Honey Boo Boo”?

    It isn’t the same magnitude, but it does seem pretty exploitative. Both dressing up Honey Boo Boo and the dressing up of this kid make them toys for the adults. Maybe I’m being a little too sensitive on this or I can’t articulate it well, but there is something unsettling going on here (and it has nothing to do with the pink side of the force).

    1. You might be  a little too sensitive. To a large extent, all parents instill and bombard their own cultural preferences on their unsuspecting children. This Darth Vader costume is no less harsh or “wrong” than baseball or soccer uniforms that parents talk their children into wearing. Mommies and Daddies always have the need to see tiny reflections of themselves in order to justify their own lives. I think this Darth Vader outfit is awesome. Then again, my husband and I have no kids

    2. Honey Boo Boo is being exploited (some might even say abused, depending on the long-term medical consequences of Go-Go Juice) by her fucked-up family and unscrupulous TV producers to make a quick buck via a jeering audience. This kid wore a funny costume to Disneyland and her parents posted a snapshot.

      1. Yes, it is definitely not the same magnitude. But is this kid being treated as a kid or as a toy? This kid isn’t going to be hurt by this, so it isn’t a big deal. I just feel that it may be a little objectifying to make a kid be your toy for the day. If this kid was older and chose to dress up as a princess Darth Vader, I wouldn’t have a problem.

        1.  Why do you think the kid didn’t choose to dress up as a princess Darth Vader? Kids love to dress up as all kinds of things, and will often demand to wear their costume anywhere the family is going. I figured this originated with the kid.

          1. Yes… we of course do influence to some degree what they like to dress up as (if they haven’t heard of Darth Wader then they hardly can want to dress up as one), but kids at that age absolutely love to play dress up. And you would have quite a battle if you try to force them to wear dress up costumes they don’t want to put on. Heck, getting them to keep their socks (or whatever they don’t want to wear) on is a challenge at times.

            My daughter’s favorite “toys” at that age were her Darth Wader, Superman, and Spiderman costumes.

          2. Yes, I agree. My daughter loved to make up the craziest Halloween costumes. She planned them years in advance. So, yes, we did have that year where she went as a waffle – and yes the responses of those who answered the door were pretty much “baffled”. 

            I would beg and plead, can’t you just be a princess from Kmart so I don’t have to figure out how to execute these insane things? But, no, she would insist. Another year she decided to do the classic hobo costume, which is no longer stocked in stores due to some kind of PC thing about not mocking the homeless, so we had to modify a boy’s gangster costume and be very careful not to cross the line into looking at all like a real homeless person but more like the cartoony hobo. Then there was the Cruella DeVille costume – also not carried in stores anywhere!

          3. When I was a lad, all costumes were hand made by mothers. My mother sewed my habit and wimple the year that I went as Sr. Bertrille.

        2. Toy for a day? Shit, I totally had kids to have toys to play with everyday! Some days they wish I’d let them play with their toys…

        3.  When my husband’s mother died, and we went to the funeral, I had no dressy clothes for my then-2-year-old, and had no plans on forcing him to be uncomfortable at this event he knew virtually nothing about.  So, I let him pick out his own clothes, because, hey . . . it’s all family there, anyway. 

          He chose dinosaur pants and his hockey jersey. 

          If you think young children have no opinion about their choice in clothing, you need to spend an entire week getting at least one dressed.  :-)

    3. *I* think you’re being overly sensitive and a bit silly. One of the great things about Disney World is being able to dress up and immerse yourself in the whole imaginative experience. Kids routinely dress up as princesses or other characters. They even have a shop for a princess make over. I attended one night where it was Princess and Pirates theme and tons of kids were loving it in their costumes. (I was jealous.) There is no exploitation. You are not doing this for other people, you are doing it for yourself.

      What makes this girls awesome was her mash up of the two genres and her parents willingness to accommodate. Best thing I’ve see since that girl who bowed down to join Vader on the live Jedi show.

    4. I don’t see: makeup, false eyelashes, hairspray, low-cut top, high heels, jewelry.  Heck, I don’t see her face at all.

      Exactly how is this kiddie exploitation?

      To be charitable, I’m guessing you might not have children yourself.  Believe me, a child of this age absolutely could come up with this idea for a costume.  The brilliant part is that her parents — or is that HIS parents…who knows? — actually facilitated the idea instead of talking her out of it.

      1. Maybe the concern was in dragging the kid around all day in the heat, dressed in toole and with a hot mask on??? Even if the little kid liked the outfit at the beginning of the day does not mean she/he wants to do it 1000 times, all day long.

    1. It’s if you are over a certain age.  They don’t want non-disney employees pretending to be characters/staff as there is a definite angle for abuse.

  2. I went to Disney World last year and as the hotel bus pulled up the the park entrance the bus driver asked if there were any princesses aboard.  He explained that some kids dress in princess outfits and are “announced” as they leave the bus.  I would have loved to see a driver stand outside the bus and loudly announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you the Princess Vader,” followed by the girl stepping off the bus in that outfit.  Awesome.

  3. “You do not need to see my Fast Pass.”

    “I don’t need to see your Fast Pass.”

    “You can go on ahead.”

    “You can go on ahead.”

    “Move along.”

    “Enjoy your ride. Move along.”

  4. She should do this every year and take photos until she is old enough that Disney security see her as a threat and makes her remove her mask.

  5. If Leia is Annikan/Darth’s daughter, this is what she would have worn had her father been allowed to raie her.

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