Star Wars meets Rushmore meets Breakfast Club: Jedi High

Vincent sez, "A hard-working group of film students from Oak Park High in Winnipeg, Manitoba made this intergalactic cinematic mashup, which is an homage not only to Star Wars, but also The Breakfast Club and Rushmore."

Jedi High (Thanks, Vincent!)


  1. Great movie. Couple of cultural observations about their school. They sure do have big lockers. I have never seen one of those full length lockers in real life. I guess they have them up there because they might have to wear heavy coats and stuff. Also, the halls seemed very narrow. They may just look narrow to me because I went to a HS with almost 4000 students. For a comparison, watch scenes in Rushmore set at Cleveland High, wide hallways and double stacked lockers. Also, where’d all those white folks come from? I’m not used to seeing all white groups outside small social gatherings.

    Pretty good dis at their rival school after the closing credits. Well played.

  2. I wonder what the students at Guy Madden* high school would come up with?

    *Obscure (outside of Canada) Winnipeg film reference.

  3. Hi everybody, this is the farting guy here. I wanna thank Boing Boing for featuring our student film, so much hard work was put into it but man, it was so much fun. And I wanna thank everyone for watching this and commenting and enjoying it.

    1. It does look like a lot of fun. 

      And here’s hoping your own achievements and fame go well beyond the role of “farting guy.” :-)

  4. Really well done! The lighting, the editing, (most of) the acting. Funny too. 

    What’s up with letting the opening animated intertitle go on for so long after the audience has read it?

    1. Yeah, we realized the opening titles went on way too long, and we wanted to recut the film to shorten it (and other scenes), but in the end we didn’t have time. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Fantastic little film. Kudos to the makers! Sadly, something like this couldn’t be done in the US; smoking on school grounds, weapons in the school. Impossible.

    1. The smoking scene was a source of much debate. We didn’t want to glamourize smoking, but we thought it was appropriate that the Sith Lord would find some common ground with the tough smoking crowd. In the end we decided that the scene was funny, so we included it. The cigarettes were “herbal” cigarettes specially ordered from an online store in British Columbia, and the actors were cautioned to not inhale.

      1.  Hey there, another Winnipeger here.  Gotta say awesome movie, but I want to mention that you can get those herbal cigarettes at Vita Health stores right here.  Made with cloves and such.  Cheap too, in case you need for a next shoot.

  6. Just wondering in what universe this movie has anything to do with Breakfast Club or Rushmore? Just because they all take place at a high school hardly means that they have anything in common.

    1. I think this might have been influenced more by DeGrassi High than any of the other ‘high school’ movies that have been mentioned…

  7. Well Joshua, the last scenes (and music!) are from The Breakfast Club!

    Check it:

    80’s cult movie references aside, this video was really well done!!

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