A pillow into which you insert your head


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  1. simonbarsinister says:

    Thieves and pickpockets everywhere thank you.
    I’ll wait for the version with eye-holes so I can peek quickly if I need to.

  2. Deidzoeb says:

    As a mugger and thief, I haven’t seen anything this helpful since those commercials showing Amazon Kindles getting delivered on front porch steps, in boxes with the distinctive smiley swoop so I know which ones to take.

  3. simonbarsinister says:

    If you wear this in a tank of warm water you will devolve into a primitive caveman-like creature. If you do it too many times you will devolve into pure essence, which looks like William Hurt made out of lava.

  4. subflor says:

     Another thing that the TSA will eventually ban or steal.

  5. IamInnocent says:

    Wouldn’t the clamor of all those people laughing their butts off make it hard for you to fall asleep ?

    • welcomeabored says:

      Not to mention the yuk-yuks from ‘Ostrich Pillow’ hair when you take it off.

    • ChipN says:

      I want rainbow metallic ‘eyes’ on those hand holes, and a built in proximity sensor that pipes up a faint:’Help me!! HELP me!! using phase delay so the voice isn’t proximally coming from the head, but somewhere on the ear of the person interrupting your somnolence.

  6. futnuh says:

    Awesome. I wonder it the flight attendants will let me wear it during take-off and landing?

  7. Khal Shariff says:

    Even drawing eyes on this would deter thieves. I fly a lot, and I would not want to be assaulted/assailed, which yes, this design seems to encourage. Plus – just the idea of wearing a mask in a airport terminal: yup, not gonna go with security.

  8. mrtut says:

    I for one welcome our ostriched overlords. 
    But, why no tentacles?

  9. Sekino says:

    Remembering the summer I had to travel 8 hours on the Greyhound bus every two weeks, I’m kinda wistful about it…

  10. Twiddle says:

    E P I C  F A I L

  11. Preston Sturges says:

    Needs deely boppers and googly eyes.  

    Maybe eliminate the mouth hole and add a snorkle.

  12. Mike Richards says:

    Is this a furry remake of ‘The Fly’?

  13. Matthew Urso says:

    that is way too punchable

  14. robdobbs says:

    Doesn’t NYC already have a law against wearing a mask in public? Yes. Yes they do.

  15. Dlo Burns says:

    Now I have something to wear with my snugie beside a fedora. 

  16. William Nicholls says:

    They killed Kenny!

  17. SedanChair says:

    I will put cameras and microphones on the outside and stereo displays inside. I CHOOSE THE INPUTS

  18. Chesterfield says:

    I suddenly have the urge to play a little Katamari.

  19. dejoh says:

    Do they make a smaller version?  My two sons would like to know.

  20. Hanglyman says:

    I don’t care how goofy it looks, this thing would be perfect for long train, plane or bus rides where normal pillows just slip down the window when you try to use them. The combination blindfold/ear mufflers are a nice bonus. I do have to question the holes for your hands, though… is the normal comfortable position for people’s hands when they’re sleeping clutched to their heads like they’re a hostage about to be executed?

    • Dlo Burns says:

      It reminds me of when I get a migraine and I just want to hold my head. Arms do get fucking tired though. 

    • TheMudshark says:

      I presume it´s for passing out with your hands resting on the table before you and your face resting on your hands, like I used to do in high school. The collected drool inside the pillow would make it a rather unsavoury affair after a short amount of time.

  21. As someone who travels often it does hold a certain appeal but my main concern is not so much assaults & theft but heat – it seems like it would be far too warm to be comfortable.  Over ear headphones and a hat can make me uncomfortably warm after not too long in most travel situations, this seems like it could bake your head even with those openings

    • jhoosier says:

       This.  I would actually like one of these, as it would help with taking naps during breaks (it’s often hard to find a dark, quiet, empty room).  But I’d overheat in one on all but the coldest days.

  22. pjk says:

    “Pst, hey! Wanna stick your head in my micro-environment??”

  23. Diogenes says:

    Where do you put the bags of ice to keep from sweating your ass off?

  24. Miche says:

    Someone on twitter mentioned how much this resembles a uterus. They could do a version with a removable red lining. 

  25. Culturedropout says:

    That actually looks like it might be really good to wear with a CPAP mask.  I usually end up sort of wedging my face with mask attached between two pillows, with my forehead on a 3rd pillow, when I want to sleep face-down.

  26. vonbobo says:

    The guy in the picture isn’t even using the pillow feature???

  27. Preston Sturges says:

    What no Cthulu version? 

  28. horn555 says:

    Even more bulky and odd looking than the Dream Helmet which I use nightly to block out stray light.  But my dear wife says the dream helmet makes me look like a kidnap victim.  This thing makes folks look like a cartoon kidnap victim from another dimension. Really there is nothing wrong with the plane blindfold.  But these provide just a little cushion.  The sound proofing is negligible based on my DH experience.  Nothing on Kickstarter about materials.

  29. Nadreck says:

    When I was in Taiwan I came across the local custom of *everyone* having a post-lunch nap for about 1/2 hour.  Tourists have been known to walk into government offices just after lunch and run screaming out into the street thinking that there’d been a nerve-gas attack.  There was a lot of “keyboard face” and bed-head hair happening and this would be the perfect antidote.

  30. grimc says:

    The sideholes are just begging to have a drink poured in them.

  31. Jake0748 says:

    I remember when BoingBoing commenters didn’t include quite so many pickpockets, thieves, predators and cynics.  

  32. I think that’s the Madrid airport, since no one asked.

  33. jco says:

    Or you could just get a hoodie, some headphones, and sunglasses…

  34. Alan Goulding says:

    Isn’t that thing just going to be _incredibly_ hot?

  35. awjt says:

    It needs great big Dre headphones on it!!!

  36. Crashproof says:

    Wear this and look like one of the cousins from Katamari Damacy.

  37. Adge Cutler says:

    Its a Katamari Damacy mask!!!

  38. doggo says:

    Why does this thing get reposted all over the place? It’s ridiculous and nobody wants this thing. (Wait a minute… this would make a great cat bed!)

  39. Tavie says:

    This is for WORK NAPPING. For head-on-desk napping. Should’ve used the head-on-desk picture. In that context it looks like a frickin GODSEND to me.

  40. fenrox says:

    !! This looks like a total rip off of the screambody!


  41. bruce_a14 says:

    I want the Admiral Ackbar version.

  42. eldueno says:

    The “pillow” could be decorated as a real head with hair, nose and smiling face and electronic eyes that move uncoordinatedly in arbitrary and random directions to assure strangers will say far away and not ask questions to disturb the user.

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