Anastasiya Shpagina, "real-life anime girl"

The internet teaches us that there are many forms of cosplay, and many young women who identify as "human dolls." Some become viral-famous-overnight sensations by posting photos of themselves in unusual or provocative cosplay.

One of them is young Anastasiya Shpagina, who's receiving a lot of attention right now over her striking anime cosplay.

The 19-year-old Ukrainian spends hours applying make-up to transform herself into the sort of anime character you'd see in Japanese films. She says she's considering surgery on her eyes to make the transformation permanent.

Here's her Facebook page, and her YouTube channel.

(HT: @aileengraef, all photos from Anastasiya Shpagina.)


      1. The odd part is, in closeup you can see she’s drawn in epicanthic folds, while the anime esthetic is to look as UN-Japanese as possible.


    1. Looks like photo/video editing to change the structure of her face, shrink mouth and nose, etc. I’m calling After Effects work here.

      I think the tracking points floated a little in the video and caused the shape of her face to warp a little at times. Also, do you notice that she covers her mouth a lot in the videos? I’d do that too, if I wanted to save myself a lot of work in editing the shape of her face frame by frame.

    1.  Circle lenses + gyaru make-up techniques.

      Circle lenses are larger-than-normal contact lenses that make the iris of your eyes appear bigger. They’re quite popular in Korea & Japan youth fashion.

      Gyaru make-up is the basic technique she’s showing in the first video: using eyeliner to draw on a fake frame for your eyes that’s much larger (instead of lining along the edge of the eye, which is the conventional way of doing it). If you look closely, you can see that part of her “eye” is actually skin. She may pull out her lower lashes to keep them from breaking the illusion.

      1.  Anyway, she it´s making it wrong… creepy wrong.
        If her objective was to look kawaii he missed it by a mile.
        Also, she paints her eyes so big she look like she suffers from strabismus.. 

        1. I dunno. The close-up faces are deeply uncanny, yes.  The body-shots and carefully over-exposed faces work far too well (tactical under-corset, there, too) to creep: they’re some very effective work.  ^^

  1. Lately I have been feeling like an old fogie on Boing Boing as most of the articles interest me not at all and seem aimed at a much younger audience (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just sayin’)

    I don’t even know what “cosplay” is. Is there a Boing Boing for seniors?

    1. “cosplay”: “costumes + play”. It’s a Japanese portmanteau of two English words that has passed back to the West. Usually it refers to dressing up as a character from a comic/cartoon/TV show/movie: “Wow, check out that awesome Slave Leia cosplay”.

  2. Way more sexy than a tattoo. But I suspect I would grow old waiting for her to go out for a date.

  3. ok, creeptastic but what’s the product?  that is, how does this pay for her future ophthalmological bills?

    1. I’m sure there are a large number of otaku of various nationalities who would love to sponsor her eccentricities and/or buy pieces of used clothing from her.

    2. Attention whores are their own product.

      Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, hell even Honey Boo Boo Child – they all make their money from being as big a spectacle as possible. I don’t see why this woman can’t monetise herself in the same fashion, albeit on a far smaller scale.

  4. “surgery on her eyes to make the transformation permanent”
    I almost want to know how the hell that would even be possible, but I suspect the answer might make me queasy.

    1. Yes, because anybody who would make themselves look like this is obviously an idiot with no concept of reality or the future.

  5. I’ve been an anime fan for creeping up on two decades (longer if you count starblazers and the like, I suppose) and have been intrigued by cosplayers for many years, but this really doesn’t work for me.

    That said, as long as she’s happy with it, it’s all good I suppose.

  6. That’s creepy, no doubt.  But her eye-make-up is pretty cool.

    -abs appreciates the technical proficiency displayed with make-up, but man that crosses the uncanny valley (which I didn’t realize actual humans could do, so “kudos” for educating me)

  7. It’s funny that everyone is focused on her eyes (and understandably so) while no one has mentioned her disturbingly corseted waistline. Maybe funny is not the right term…

    1. Or the ridiculously streamlined nose. I have a very narrow nose as far as noses go, and she looks like she might need straws in her nostrils just to sleep soundly at night.

  8. Definitely a more picaresque shoujo manga; besides the distinct lack of tentacles among the foliage (so…it -must- have been Pinta-shopped, then,) Saiunkoku Monogatari does this, but then focuses on guys. I guess the hard-shadowed (with harsh light) double nose is more for athletic scene foreshadowing.

  9. Those eyes give her a really sad and empty and confused look.

    These pictures make me a little sad. I guess if an emotional response is the desired result, her project is successful?

    1. LOL, yes I’m sure she’s doing it just to be manipulative, even mean!

      What’s that old quote? “People are disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them.” 

  10. Her make up techniques are good. Her corseting is what is really impressive here. There was a time in my life where I could tie in to 17 inches or so… but man what a human looking waist I have these days. I don’t see the creep factor here. How is this different from other types of body mod/expression? Or even just from theatrical make-up?

  11. Just seems like another example of females with low self-esteem conforming to what some mentally underdeveloped teenage boys desire after they masturbate to too many manga comics.

  12. I think this is completely awesome. Being seriously into something and being successful at it is entirely the purpose of life.

  13. Wow, I just watched the second video. I’m a little shocked at the humor! I have never seen anything like that come from Japan.

    1. It’s Chinese, and yea, offensive even if you don’t speak the language.  I guess it’s Chinese Tosh.0 or something.

  14. Some of us have seen the end results of making a fad fashion a permanent part of your body. Me, I’ve never seen it work out very well.

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