Friday Freak-Out: The "Swiss Beatles" - Les Sauterelles - "Dream Machine" (1969)

[Video Link] Friday Freak-Out: Where is a Swiss Beatles when we need them now? Bedazzled presents a 1960s group called Les Sauterelles.
Cavern Club: "Way back in the early ’60s, when everybody was listening to the Mersey sound, there was an unknown group called Les Sauterelles that was introducing rock and roll to a rather conservative Swiss audience. As this music became more and more established, so did the interest in the “Swiss Beatles.”
The “Swiss Beatles” - Les Sauterelles - "Dream Machine"


  1. They sound about as much like the Beatles as they look like Moby Grape. Meaning, “Sort of, but not really”.

    1. I see your Los Shakers and raise you a Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes live on Brazilian TV circa 1967.

      Note the strolling fascist at 00:40 looking for subversives, and missing the elephant in the living room. Say what you will about the Beatles, none of them were ever forced to seek political asylum or face summary execution.

      EDIT: Same performance, alternate footage.

      I could listen/watch all day, and just might.

      1.  Os Mutantes! Yes!!! They somehow managed to translate a semi-obscure tongue-twister of a Mamas and Papas song called ‘Once Was A Time I Thought’ into Portuguese. Fun stuff.

  2. Antinous, you should get a raise for posting this video. My head hurts yet I feel compelled to watch it again.

    1. Mark posted a version of it a couple years ago, but it was crappier quality and only had the first half.

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