Humble Ebook Bundle: Name your price for eight bestselling, ass-kicking sf novels


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  1. Scott Byrne says:

    This seems like a really exciting direction for literature to go in. Hopefully it will ignite the interest of readers! 

  2. ZikZak says:

    I’m in!  These bundles are a beautiful demonstration of a gift economy.  It’s exciting to see this non-capitalist model spreading to more forms of media.  We can all be richer when we share freely!

    • Ryan_T_H says:

       How is this non-capitalist? Money is being exchanged for goods/services.

      • ZikZak says:

        Exchange is the wrong word.  Goods/services are being offered freely, and people are freely offering money to the providers of those good/services.

        The key difference is that even if I don’t offer any money, I can still get the goods.  It is literally a mutual exchange of gifts, neither contingent on the other.  Simultaneously the craziest economic idea anyone can imagine, and the most obvious common sense way of interacting with other human beings.

        • IntotheNightSky says:

          I really don’t think you can say a service is being provided completely freely here.  You are required to make an initial purchase of no less than $.01 before gaining access to some of the services provided, and around $12 before gaining access to all the services provided.  That’s still a financial barrier to entry.

  3. spacedoggy says:

    Bought, I had to boot into a VM of linux before buying though ;) I’m sick to death of publishing companies bribing my government to stamp out digital rights in the name of fighting piracy. I’m now spending the money I would have paid on traditional media on stuff like this. Kim Dotcom finding a way to pay artists 90% of their sales is why they went after him. Time to vote with your wallets I think.

  4. sef says:

    So, sadly, it turns out that despite all of the above, the Humble Bundle folks say you don’t actually own the copies you buy, and can’t do anything other than read them yourself.

    (I already own several of the books, so thought I could use this to give the redundant ones to other people.  In particular, Old Man’s War and Zoo City.  But, when I was asked, I was told that, no, I am not allowed to do that.  Because of agreements with the authors.)

    • Jardine says:

      You could just do it anyway. Ethically it doesn’t seem any different than giving away an extra copy of a physical book. Or you could donate a penny and pick the gift option. Though with payment fees, that probably costs Humble Bundle, making everyone worse off.

  5. dao_tao says:

    I got mine.  Nice mixture of sf/fantasy and the price is right.  Always good to send some money towards the EFF and Child’s Play. Happy to donate to the SFWA this time, also.

  6. Yay! Glad that things like the Humble Indie Bundle are starting to translate to other eGoods. 

  7. Jamie Tucker says:

    It seems so obvious now!

  8. zax says:

    Bought mine, thank you :)

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