Sexy Hamburger Costume


It's $40 at Yandy. (Thanks, Jess Hemerly!)


  1. The costume wasn’t that sexy, or even hamburgery. She should stop making a fool of herself, and take it off.

  2. I get it. It’s a hamburger with extra tomato. From this same company I’ve also seen a “sexy Tootsie roll”, which was basically just a dress that looked like a Tootsie roll wrapper. I was hoping for Dustin Hoffman in drag.

    And then there’s the “Sexy Peacock”. Modeled by a woman. And obviously designed by a man who doesn’t know what a peacock is.

    1. I dunno, the shoes in that peacock really work for me to tie it all together.  But I do think there was an missed opportunity regarding the tail plumage of the male peacock on the female human.

  3. As the ad scrolls below the post, I find sexy watermelon to be more intriguing (actually it’s pretty sexy).

    1. Maybe, but anyone worth spending time with would rather hang out with someone with a “sexy dog poop” costume than someone in a “sexy hamburger” dress. Anyone who’d wear the former has a bizarre and interesting sense of humor. Anyone who’d wear the latter just needs professional help.

    2. arrgh, that’s WAY sexier than my “sexy dog poop” costume!

      The sexy dog poop costume is only supposed to be sold as a set with the sexy Babs Johnson costume.

  4. Also available: “sexy red plumber” (Mario) and “green adventurer” (Link, not-sexy apparently). 

    1. I’ll bet that any woman who would wear that costume in public *does*’ give a shit’, not about her dignity much, but about something.

    1. In the case of the pink, there are two things going for it that the slutty costumes lack:
      1) It adds humour to it.  Everyone knows Darth Vader wears all black.  The pink is very funny.
      2) It may simply be that the kid wants to wear pink.  It actually happens, believe it or not.

      1. Re: point #2: When I was a kid, that wasn’t the case. When a girl wanted to wear a “boy’s” costume, she wore the same one the boys did.

        Why don’t we have boys dressing up in blue girl’s costumes?

        1. Do you really need an explanation about how females *temporarily* taking on a male role is OK because they’re trading up — of course they would want to feel the power for a day (and/or soooo cute) — but males taking on a female role are gender traitors, voluntarily giving up their god-given superiority to become — ew, yuck — an inferior female is very, very bad?

        1. A bit weird given how many cultures have (not particularly controversial) theatrical traditions of men dressing as women.

        2. That’s so sad.  I cross-dressed for Halloween when I was 9 or 10, and everybody thought it was hilarious.  Of course, that was the 70s.  Bing Crosby was doing it too.

    2. They make the sexy ones for kids too, but they don’t put “sexy” on the wrapper.  That way, preteens can slip them into the shopping cart, and mom has no clue until an hour before the party.  Cue up the laugh track!

    1. I believe that to be a cummerbund.

      I turned round and Jeeves shied like a startled mustang. “I beg your pardon, sir,” he said in a sort of hushed voice. “You are surely not proposing to appear in public in that thing?”
      “The cummerbund?” I said in a careless, debonair way, passing it off. “Oh, rather!”

  5. I vaguely get the point that some 18-30ish year old with the right personality might be willing to wear one of these out to a Halloween party…but I think that demographic can’t be big enough to support having all these different costumes.

    Really their sales are either driven by men buying them for their ladies, or people who are just looking for something to spice up the bedroom.  I mean lets just be Frank here, when a costume has the word “sexy” in the name I’m pretty sure it implies that it designed to attract attention from men.

  6. This is very abstract. If I hadn’t been told this was a “sexy hamburger costume” I would have called it “unlovely yellowish minidress with dreadful belty thing”

  7. Store bought costumes suck, it’s always the case.  Go to your local party store and check out the costume wall if you don’t believe me.  A billion different short cut dresses for skinny women with vague themes and stupid stupid stupid costumes for men.  Has anybody ever bought that “slice of pizza” costume?

    You’re so much better off just poking around the internet for ideas on homemade costumes if you’re coming up blank.  There are a million good ideas out there that don’t involve plopping down $50 on cheap fabric that is badly put together. 

    1. Having spent quite a few Halloweens plopping down $50 on cheap fabric which is then badly put together — by me! — I totally agree with you.  Better a badly-made costume that at least is homemade than a badly-made costume that comes from a sweatshop.

  8. That burger doesn’t have enough meat on it to to turn me on.  Also, is it free range?  What type of cheese is it.  Can I at least see a menu.

  9. I’ll have her animal style.  She’ll have me protein style.  Or we could do a double-double.  Just as long as she’s well-done…. Yes, I’m aware this got away from me.

  10. I already knew about sexy hamburgers but I never thought of making a costume of one. Very innovative!

  11. I just went over to the Yandy site Exclusives page. Wow, THAT is crack-crazy amazeballs awesomeness:

    I can only conclude that many of these are meant to be enjoyed in private by two consenting adults recently released from mental hospitals. The Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Leopard (with corset)? The Deluxe Yellow Mouse (with corset, what your mice don’t wear them?)? The Sexy Shark? And last but not least, The Rainbow Explosion Monster Set that looks kind of like Rainbow Bright but – SEXY! 

  12. If she had Mickey Mouse ears, maybe she would be a mouseburger. That would have been a real tribute to the late Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan.

    I always wondered what a mouseburger looked like.

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