Vote for Mitt Romney

This is utterly convincing. [via Robert Popper.]


    1. Wow! I’m having a Poe’s Law moment. This would be excellent as dry parody, but I’m 70% sure it’s not.

      1. I’m wondering if that makes him equal partners with St John the Divine?  That would be pretty darn close to top billing.

    2. I just came out of the rabbit hole that is the conspiracy theories about the Denver Airport.

      Wow.  I think every artist can only aspire to that level of intense discourse about their work.  That it’s done by nutters is only a minor detail.

    3. Now I understand that demographic’s aversion to math.  If rectangles (such as the Great Auk’s label) are phallic, then of course math is the devil.

    1. My first impression of this guy before hearing any of the song was Log Cabin Republican.

  1. The video was fine until the latter half when it got just plain insulting. The video is good for the base, but it turns off independents. Don’t people know this?

    1. I feel like this is JTT all over again.  If Satan really is gay, there are going to be a lot of disappointed ladies out there.  

  2. Thank goodness we don’t have to rely on republicans for art, music,  science or anything else that requires thought.

    1.  Also, how any conservative can look at liberalism and think, “I’m having so much more fun.” is beyond me.

  3. Oh, BTW, interesting viewing of this guy’s other videos. Don’tcha know, he’s called the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse? Totally stable guy whose endorsement any candidate would want.

  4. May I suggest this guy be the warm-up at Romney campaign stops? I’d like to see this get more widespread coverage.

  5. Not sure if trolling, exercising extreme irony or being serious. Brace yourselfs, one does not simply watch stupid people on youtube… without over-interpreting how they could be so stupid they come out right the other end as being utterly brilliant.

  6. The R Train only gets 2 stars on Yelp.  Stay away!

  7. Up to 1:43 I was having a laugh. Then the gay sex conspiracy verse started, and it became uncomfortable and confusing.

  8. “Skip that despair train.”
    “But when I was on tour with the Fiasco band it was a DEMON hellride.”

    1. That dude is totally not hetero!
      Is there anyone here claiming to have gaydar who thinks otherwise?
      What we have here is another clear case of a victim of communal childhood indoctrination, overcompensating for his perceived shortcomings.
      He KNOWS how strong Satan’s temptation is.
      His life is hell, he cracked under the pressure.

      1. I was expecting something more like:

        Come to the Romney campaign, old chum!
        Come to the Romney campaign!

  9. I’m all for therapeutic recreational activities for the mentally ill.  Keep it in the cuckoo’s nest though.  Publishing the subject’s achievements on YouTube may cause some minor patient doctor confidentiality issues.

    1.  Gees, chill. Some old guy is having some fun with video, keyboard, a song and politics and everyone is getting all herniated over it.
      Crap people, give hom a break, the video is funny, definitely not ROFL funny but still funny enough.
      As for embarrassing American politics, Paul Ryan the pseudo Catholic with his publicly declared love for the atheist “Greed is God” Ayn Rand, nothing does more to embarrass American politics than that pathological liar does.

  10. Finally! Some music the Republicans can play at their events that the artist won’t insist they stop playing!

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