Kid Koala CD comes with a build-your-own-turntable kit and a flexidisc

A Canadian musician called DJ Kid Koala has released a new album called 12-Bit Blues that comes with a kit for building your own miniature cardboard turntable, and a bonus two-track flexidisc to play on it. You spin the disc by hand, choosing the tempo that feels best to you. Here's a description from Springwise:

Although the record is being released on CD and LP – as well as digitally – those purchasing a limited edition physical copy will also get a flatpack kit that will enable them to construct a miniature working turntable and speaker resembling a gramaphone. The device is made of only cardboard and a sewing pin that acts as the needle. The package also includes a flexidisc containing three bonus tracks, which can be played on the turntable by rotating the disc by hand. The album itself is a nostalgic take on blues and hip-hop and the turntable addition is designed to invoke the old-time aspect of blues music and toy-building activities reminiscent of childhood, as well as forcing the listener to put in some work and attention in order to hear the music.

Musician offers working DIY cardboard turntable with album

Buy 12-Bit Blues

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11 Responses to “Kid Koala CD comes with a build-your-own-turntable kit and a flexidisc”

  1. Always loved Kid Koala’s approach to making and distributing music. Good stuff there.

  2. Mr Michael says:

    I always liked this idea. When I saw that Stefan Segmeister did it as part of his Masters thesis in 1993, I felt that someone should take it farther. This one looks elegant and simple. Mechanical sound reproduction, oh what a joy.

  3. jerwin says:

    You may want to make a backup (using a real turntable, with a real needle) before playing this record on your homemade record player– the steel needle will almost certainly create charming scratches.

  4. Tim Tracy says:

    This is news? The album came out on the 17th of September.

    Hooray for affiliate marketing!

  5. Zach Z says:

    “A Canadian musician called DJ Kid Koala…”

    Nitpicking, but that’s wordy.  “Canadian musician DJ Kid Koala”, or even “DJ Kid Koala” would more than suffice.  A few articles down, there was no need to say “An English musician called Morrisey”. 

    Nitpicking done.

    Kid Koala is great.  A fun intersection of music, graphic arts, animation, crafts (in this case), and a general sense of fun.  Try his take on Basin Street Blues for more –

  6. ryanerik says:

    Cornelius did something similar in ~1998 as well.

  7. zax says:

    I can heartily recommend Drunk Trumpet, especially if you find the live version.  Oh hang on, it’s the internet, allow me to find it for you!

    From 2008:

    Never fails to make me smile.


  8. Itsumishi says:

    Hey Cory. It’s been pointed out already, but his name is not DJ KID KOALA. 

    Just Kid Koala.

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