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11 Responses to “Kid Koala CD comes with a build-your-own-turntable kit and a flexidisc”

  1. Always loved Kid Koala’s approach to making and distributing music. Good stuff there.

  2. Mr Michael says:

    I always liked this idea. When I saw that Stefan Segmeister did it as part of his Masters thesis in 1993, I felt that someone should take it farther. This one looks elegant and simple. Mechanical sound reproduction, oh what a joy.

  3. jerwin says:

    You may want to make a backup (using a real turntable, with a real needle) before playing this record on your homemade record player– the steel needle will almost certainly create charming scratches.

  4. Tim Tracy says:

    This is news? The album came out on the 17th of September.

    Hooray for affiliate marketing!

  5. Zach Z says:

    “A Canadian musician called DJ Kid Koala…”

    Nitpicking, but that’s wordy.  “Canadian musician DJ Kid Koala”, or even “DJ Kid Koala” would more than suffice.  A few articles down, there was no need to say “An English musician called Morrisey”. 

    Nitpicking done.

    Kid Koala is great.  A fun intersection of music, graphic arts, animation, crafts (in this case), and a general sense of fun.  Try his take on Basin Street Blues for more –

  6. ryanerik says:

    Cornelius did something similar in ~1998 as well.

  7. zax says:

    I can heartily recommend Drunk Trumpet, especially if you find the live version.  Oh hang on, it’s the internet, allow me to find it for you!

    From 2008:

    Never fails to make me smile.


  8. Itsumishi says:

    Hey Cory. It’s been pointed out already, but his name is not DJ KID KOALA. 

    Just Kid Koala.

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