First new Rolling Stones song in six years cashes in on zombie craze [Video]

Crash landed in the Louisiana swamp
Shot up a horde of zombies
but I come out on top

(Via Uproxx)


  1. Like the tune, good lyrics, nice message, were all fucked, would make a nice theme for either (or both) of the presidential candidates to appropriate without asking permission.

    1. So do you feel betrayed by the designer for using his/her handwritten letters more than once in the video?

  2. Appropriate, seeing as the Rolling Stones are about as close to ‘undead’ as you can get…

  3. Dude’s unintentionally ‘reading’ more because of the ‘television’, and therefore has less to say about the things we wish we were doing ourselves, instead of posting this lazy comment. I can picture the meeting, “It’s called a D12, Jagger.”

    1. Honest to god, I thought his name was McJagger until my mid-twenties. Like McSweeney’s. Or maybe more like McDonald’s. On a related note, when I was twelve, I “grimaced” at a woman in a hot tub on AOL’s Modus Operandi no fewer than ten times, thinking the big plushy purple word meant ‘smile’ (fucking McDonald’s).  I’m pretty sure she was twenty-five and at least partly not dude. They have, like, classifieds for that, right?

  4. true story… I have been to 4 stone shows. One I took my mom, the others I jsut somehow ended up at. “bruce, can you drive me to the store” and next thing I know I am at a stones show. The stones live is impressive really. No idea how liche jager is able to move around like that.

    Good tune. Huge zombie fan, and love the stones.

    1. I need to hang out more with Bruce if he’s just going to end up at these shows.  Every time I go there’s planning and tickets and the like, he apparently knows a guy at the gate…

  5. That…didn’t suck!  What the hell’s going on here? Do they actually have a little left in the tank, after all these years?

  6. I think observing trends and integrating them into their music has always been the Stone’s m.o. Kind of going back to their roots.  I thought it was just as interesting/opportunistic that Mick references fracking, water shortages, and rich/poor divide as zombies. Dig the song, it’s pretty inspired lyrically and musically…except for missing a hook. But, very nice.

    PS – I wish the band had this kind of attitude when Scorsese was shooting his documentary concert, instead of the over-polished, grinding with Christina Aguilera crap.

  7. Sounds pretty good to me.

    What’s alla this crap about web pundits bitching about Jagger’s vocals ? Are they just trying to sound like they’re more musically sophisticated than they actually are, or are their ears THAT fucked-up after years of auto-tuned trash and melisma-addled thrushes ?

  8. First new Rolling Stones song in six years *swarms* in on zombie craze

    Also: this state farm sponsored background graphic is, while cleverly hosted on BB to trick ad blockers, fucking awful. State farm: Your graphic s pixellated and will make tech savvy consumers (like readers of BB) judge you in poor light. If you can’t supply a graphic correctly, people aren’t going to have much trust in whatever it is you do. Also, a protip would be to make the bottom fade to black so we don’t get a sudden red-to-black divide.

    You can pay me in states or farms, whichever is easier.

  9. A single line in the song is ‘cashing in’?  

    One of the best songs from the Stones in a great while, methinks.

  10. Miserable comments from people who take themselves too seriously. Its a banging good tune with some indistinguishable zeitgeist lyrics, hell do any of you people seriously listen to lyrics in pop music? No one has actually had anything worth listening to say in pop music since about 1967. This is entertainment folks not museum art. Sheesh, cashing in on the zombie craze indeed. Kids like zombies, pop music is about stuff that kids like.

  11. What, no Jim Price and Bobby Keyes? Other than that I like it. Certainly better than anything they’ve done since Exile on Main Street.

    1. I see your “Exile” and raise you a “Waiting On A Friend” or a “Anybody Seen My Baby”.

      The video itself, by the way,  reminds me more of Ralph Steadman at work than any “zombie-craze cash-in”. 

  12. I like this…like Just_Ok said (or Dick) “It’s got a beat and you can dance to it” 
    I really love the typography but I have a little trouble with the yoda-ish line “Through the night your face I see”

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