Comic superheroes re-imagined as Ottoman Empire figures

"Ottoman was Geeky," a fanciful series of illustrations by Berk Senturk. Above, Justice League as Fevc-ül Adâlet.


    1. Wonder woman (the woman), the flash (the one with the silly hat), martian manhunter (the green one) and aquaman (the one with the trident).

      1. I’m glad somebody can make sense of this, it goes right over my head.  Except I did figure out Superman.

    2. From the left:
      Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter.

      Jeez, and I’m a girl who doesn’t read comics…

  1. This stands head and shoulders above most of the [random nerd trope] versions of superheroes because the artist not only seems to know the style of clothes during the Ottoman period, but also imitates the artistic style of the era. 

    1. This is actually brilliant. To be honest I would totally read a genuinely Ottoman Empire based series with art like this.

  2. This is excellent. But that “All characters in this series are just fictitious and does not reflect to any person alive or dead or any political person.” message is a bit misleading. Superman (Faik-i Adem) is clearly inspired by somewhat famous photo of Atatürk;
    Aquaman as Ab-ı Adem is also inspired by Western depictions of Hayreddin Barbarossa. Even the crest on his turban is taken from Hayreddin’s flag;
    Martian Manhunter as Merihi Sayyad-ı Beser is just Turkish version of ghoul, gulyabani. Here is one depicted in a 1976 Turkish movie, Süt Kardesler (aka The Foster Brothers);
    Don’t get me wrong, the concepty and the execution is incredible. I especially loved Batman as Sepbere-i Adem and the way he carries a muska with Batman symbol on it. Most rogues used to carry muskas which they believed to ward off evil eye and/or spells and give good luck.

  3. Aquaman would sink like a stone in that get-up & poor Wonderwoman would get stoned to death if she tied up a MAN with her lasso.

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