Comic superheroes re-imagined as Ottoman Empire figures


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  1. Superman, Hulk, Green Lantern, Batman and???

  2. Michael Rosefield says:

    (Although The Hulk does get shown later… right above Han Solo and Chewbacca)

  3. It’s not the hulk??? Dude is green…and tall…I dunno

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    This stands head and shoulders above most of the [random nerd trope] versions of superheroes because the artist not only seems to know the style of clothes during the Ottoman period, but also imitates the artistic style of the era. 

    • blueelm says:

      This is actually brilliant. To be honest I would totally read a genuinely Ottoman Empire based series with art like this.

  5. snagglepuss says:

    “The Green Fez” – VERY nice.

  6. Mulayim says:

    This is excellent. But that “All characters in this series are just fictitious and does not reflect to any person alive or dead or any political person.” message is a bit misleading. Superman (Faik-i Adem) is clearly inspired by somewhat famous photo of Atatürk;
    Aquaman as Ab-ı Adem is also inspired by Western depictions of Hayreddin Barbarossa. Even the crest on his turban is taken from Hayreddin’s flag;
    Martian Manhunter as Merihi Sayyad-ı Beser is just Turkish version of ghoul, gulyabani. Here is one depicted in a 1976 Turkish movie, Süt Kardesler (aka The Foster Brothers);
    Don’t get me wrong, the concepty and the execution is incredible. I especially loved Batman as Sepbere-i Adem and the way he carries a muska with Batman symbol on it. Most rogues used to carry muskas which they believed to ward off evil eye and/or spells and give good luck.

  7. Cemil Karakullukcu says:

    Reminds me of Marvel 1602

  8. Marko Raos says:

    “Taxi Driver” is more believable than DeNiro in that movie. :)

  9. Gene Shepler says:

    Aquaman would sink like a stone in that get-up & poor Wonderwoman would get stoned to death if she tied up a MAN with her lasso.

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