Monster Mash: horrific composite of Universal Monsters' Big Four

We've covered Jason Edmiston's genius monster illos here before, but this one deserves special attention. His "Monster Mash" comes from an alternate universe where Doctor Frankenstein has gotten a little enthusiastic with the needle. It's ghoulishly delightful. Spotted today at New York Comic-Con. $60 for a giclee print.

Dr. Frankenstein has been working on a little project in his free time. Much like Voltron, the big Universal 4 come together to make the ultimate creature. Mwah-ha-ha-haa!!!

Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered 17" x 22" giclee print, with archival inks on acid-free paper.

Monster Mash


  1. DRACUWOLFENMUMMISTEIN! You’ll be okay in the daytime, but comes a night with a full moon and it’ll be fucking chaos!

  2. How would one kill such a super-monster? 
    I would guess a flaming silver crucifix thrust through its heart.

      1. Do you ever wonder if, when Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and the Wolfman get together they refer to the Creature From the Black Lagoon as “the Aquaman” of Universal monsters?

  3. I like the coincidence that “illos” can be read – in addition to an abbreviation for ‘illustrations’ – as the plural of the Latin illo, ‘it/that’ and often something-‘itself’ – or in this case, maybe ‘themselves.’

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