Horrifying face/throat zombie makeup

Redditor Specialxk's zombie walk face-and-throat trompe l'oeil makeup job is awesomely horrifying, and it's a nice extension of the sort of work we've featured before with the Venom makeup from Captainsarasparrow.

May I present to you my Zombie Walk makeup. (imgur.com) (via Super Punch)


  1. meh.  but the cleavage as a blood drain?…eeew.

    (that’s some really black black-paint there. must’ve had to go all the way to Planck’s law store)

  2. Please, I like wacky stuff, but could we get the full picture below the fold?  That’s a pretty gruesome image

  3. I am the girl pictured above. The website and those posting this are NOT at all responsible for the makeup or this picture, so please do not be confused. 

    Proof: http://www.facebook.com/lovexspecialk

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