Realistic Popeye

By Vancouver artist Lee Romao, who is currently working on an animated feature, Escape from Planet Earth. Prints are just $15 at his homepage. [via Joe Hill]


  1. Those pants are pure awesome. I google popeye pants and only underwear and pajamas adorned with popeye appear. I guess I’ll have to make them myself

    hmmm upon further google it appears that only women wear old sailor pants. Usually sheer, some loose some tight, some denim. Oh wait, dudes have them in leather with a specific purpose in mind. I think in the right denim these would flatter a dude

  2. That is just astounding.

    It makes it seem as if he almost did exist – some freak of nature from the 19th century.  Hidden away from most of the civilized world, traveling the globe on anonymous schooners.  Known mostly to other sea-farers.

    I am going to, ahem, leave this here, and then just quietly show myself out…

  3. I’m liking it, but I really think they needed to slim down the wrists a tad and give him some bigger traps.  Not like WWE size ones, but something big enough to be able to lift a hand that is literally the size of your own head.

    As /fit/ likes to say, I’m jelly.

  4. When I was a kid and there were used record stores I saw in one a poster of Popeye screwing Olive Oyle, apparently taking advantage of the design of those pants. When I was too young to really appreciate what I was seeing, but it was still epic.

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