Miniature wearable Bluetooth camcorder


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  1. eyebeam says:

    Looks cool, until it falls off your ear.

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    Now. We will be nice to one another, else internet.

    And here all along I’ve been told if we all carried firearms we would be nice to one another.

  3. Halloween_Jack says:

    I saw this a while ago, and was disappointed that there wasn’t a model for the opposite ear (I have single-sided hearing loss). It looks like there’s one now, the LX2, which at least according to the pictures on the Amazon page looks as if it works with either ear, but some of the reviews leave me wondering about general build quality. Shame, as it does look as if it would be a decent alternative to helmet-mounted cameras while cycling.

    • joe blough says:

      the LX1′s earpiece rotates 180 degrees so you can wear it on either ear. i’ve worn one on both ears simultaneously.

  4. First we had the Russian dash cams, now its Russian ear cam.

  5. semiotix says:

    Especially clever for semi-surreptitious recordings of the mild-to-severely antisocial sort, since seeing someone with a bluetooth phone headset is a very strong social cue to LOOK AWAY FROM THIS SCHMUCK AND DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. 

    Which is kind of funny, since it’s a perfectly legit technology and the days of people screaming into space while giving the world the thousand-yard-stare have mostly passed. But I still have to actively force myself not to pointedly look away from someone wearing one. And I suspect that reaction will be exploited by some of the early adopters.

  6. Art says:

    Kind of dopey looking, no?

  7. CCinBmore says:

    Seems like a nice solution for surreptitious recording – looks like a slightly oversized Bluetooth headset yet…

    O’Keefe and his minions will love it. (If this comes back to bite someone in the ass, I never suggested it. Agreed?)

  8. starfish and coffee says:

    If it could handle UK weather without extra casing it might be worth the price. Anyone?

  9. libelle says:

     I was at a training class where one of the students wore one. He said it helped a great deal if he got distracted taking notes, he could come back and revisit that part of the lecture. I’m not sure how much better it would be than a purely audio recording, unless you get enough resolution to see what the lecturer is writing.

  10. Matthew Toney says:

    It actually comes with several attachments, including one for attaching it to the brim of a ballcap. (which works nicely – very little chance of it falling off with that one)

  11. Bashtarle says:

    Ok I think I would wear that thing everywhere and record everything at all times…. ok almost everything sans the obvious

    Also in before things like this catch on (people making laws finally realize things like this exist) and are promptly banned almost everywhere. Should make for some interesting quick post youtube arrest vids tho.

    Officer “Give me that camera”
    Passer by “Sure but its already on Youtube”

  12. The Tim says:

    “Video Capture H.264 – 320 x 480″

    No wonder it’s so cheap.  Ick.

    • joe blough says:

      problem was (and is) there is not enough bandwidth on bluetooth to stream the preview unless the resolution was low. the video records to an internal SD card but you’d never be able to frame your shot if it were higher res. and as it stands the preview is choppy leading people to think that the recorded video is going to be choppy as well.

      yeah, it’s not the best. 

  13. Melted Crayons says:

    “It was fun until I walked into a McDonald’s in France…”

  14. oodja says:

    Just in case anyone’s keeping score, we’ve caught up to Star Trek again:

  15. Forrest O. says:

    I wonder if it can be hacked to automatically bookmark the buffer based on heartrate.

  16. Wordguy says:

    I saw a demo of the new models at the Looxcie booth at gdgtLive in Boston last week. The features are pretty slick, but it’s definitely not HD quality. It should be fine for video conferencing or making tutorial videos.

  17. feetleet says:

    In Soviet Russia, camera wears you.  

  18. Mark Lyon says:

    The LX2 model isn’t much more expensive and is less obtrusive. I use it when walking in NYC around protests, etc.  The continuous loop of video is quite helpful – you just record everything and then go back and pull out important clips.

  19. Bruce Miller says:

    Wife beaters beware? Social changer? Smaller higher resolutions coming soon? Rough cops on notice? 

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