$5 SIM card cutter

Here's a handy device to cut older SIM cards to fit newer phones, like the iPhone 5.

The Nano SIM Cutter takes any regular or micro size and trims the excess off to provide you a precision cut nano SIM. It's simple, you insert your SIM card with the contacts facing downwards, push the SIM card all the way in, and push down on the lever. The cutter will provide you with a perfectly cut nano SIM card every time! These Nano SIM Cutters are built from hi-quality stainless steel to ensure high precision cutting.

Nano SIM Card Cutter (for iPhone 5) w/ 3 Nano SIM Card Adapter


  1. I have one of these.  I actually bought it for the plastic adapters. (I have five phones I rotate between.)  The plastic adapters are REALLY cheap. You will want a file to file off the excess plastic. They are also hard to insert into the phone without the sim card slipping.

    Worth getting if you do a lot on migration between phones. Not certain what you would use the punch for once you cut down your sim card.

    BTW, T-Mobile will convert you from a full sized sim to the mini just by asking at one of the T-Mobile stores. (They don’t charge for it either.) Easier than risking a mis-cut.

  2. “Not certain what you would use the punch for once you cut down your sim card.”

    Start your own sidewalk business!

    1. Regular SIM to micro SIM cutters have been around for years. This just cuts even smaller to conform to nano SIM standards.

  3. Can it cut a notch so I can use both sides of the SIM card like the old 5 1/4″ floppy notching devices it sort of resembles?

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