First-person account of emergency hospital evacuation in NYC after Sandy power outage


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  1. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    I looks like their backup system was poorly designed or/and done on the cheap.   I sure hope everyone will be okay.

    • Justin J. Snelgrove says:

       Best bet I have is they just never tested it. Lots of places have fancy backup systems (for anything from data to power) that they never make sure would actually work as intended. Ideally you should be powering up the generators regularly to test their ability to start quickly, and (once you’re fairly sure they start and work properly) pulling the plug on the outside power to make sure they can actually handle the load.

      • bzishi says:

        The article notes that there were two generators. One on a lower floor failed and then a pump to transfer fuel to the one on the roof failed. I wonder why they didn’t have a day tank on the roof and a manual way to pump. That doesn’t make sense.

      • Yeah when I worked on traffic operations we had a PLC which just cut the mains for an hour every three weeks. You don’t want diesel fuel sitting around for years anyway.

    • Charlie B says:

      I’ve worked with these people occasionally.  Every bit of their infrastructure that I’ve encountered is extremely expensive, overly featureful, and poorly designed and integrated.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    When the Loma Prieta quake hit San Francisco in 1989, I was working at UCSF.  Although the staff was well-trained to handle a large earthquake, the panjandrums had neglected to check to see if there were emergency power sources in their designated command center.  Very embarrassing.

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