A Little Storm-Shelter Library


6 Responses to “A Little Storm-Shelter Library”

  1. Ramone says:

    Very cool! Books are an excellent and easy way for people to feel grounded again and provide a great way to bond in hard times.

  2. Great quick thinking on the author’s part!

  3. MooseDesign says:

    Ah, Highlights magazine… the literary can of creamed corn donation.

  4. Boundegar says:

    Free library…  homeless people…  tell me again why the police aren’t pepper-spraying them?

  5. Deana Scott says:

    Wonderful idea. I know how much reading a good book can take you away from reality for awhile. Sounds like that’s just what these people needed. Thanks for doing this for them. 

  6. Kathy Dempsey says:

    For any of you searching for my website, the link above is incorrect. But you can find it at www [dot] LibrariesAreEssential [dot] com

    Please continue to support libraries!

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