Cthulhoid idols for a limited time

Jason sez, "Available for THREE DAYS ONLY, Cryptocurium is proud to offer two hand cast solid resin Lovecraftian relics, 'The Nyarlathotep Artifact' and 'The Dunwich Cthulhu Idol.' 'The Nyarlathotep Artifact' depicts The Crawling Chaos himself in his form as the faceless Black Pharaoah carved from 'Egyptian lapis lazuli' and bearing an inscription in mysterious alien hieroglyphics. 'The Dunwich Cthulhu Idol'is a small but menacing sculptural piece said to have belonged to the infamous Old Wizard Whateley and once resided at Miskatonic University before being 'lost' in 1928. Both items are solid, hand-cast resin, hand painted and individually signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick."

DAY OF THE DEAD SALE (Thanks, Jason!)