Ad for Canada's CCF party, 1957

Here's a 1957 political ad for Canada's Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, the forerunner to the modern left-leaning New Democratic Party (now the official opposition). The CCF are responsible for Canada's national health care system and many other progressive reforms (all under assault by Harper's government). I like the first point: "Your vote counts just as much as a millionaire's. Be sure to use it."

Vintage political ad: Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, 1957


  1. Cory, would like to elaborate on the “assault” by “Harper’s” government? I don’t see any assault on the Canada Health Act.

    This socialist party may have been responsible for the model that was later adopted federally, but may I remind you that it was enacted by Lester B. Pearson as prime minister and leader of the federal PC party.

    1. The Health act has been under assault since herr harper got in.  The death of a 1000 cuts, all adding up to a flailing , failing system that can evenutally justify a two-tiered system. Don’t like waiting in line for 8 hours (not an exaggeration)?  Get a private doctor.  On a darker note this is also what  is in store for the govt. of Canada too:  Spend as much as humanly possible, collapse the system, justify “austerity” which in reality means complete vulnerability to  corporate rule in the form of debt collapse.  The Healthcare system is definately in his sights, (perhaps we could go through his second 400 plus page omnibus bill in 2 years – i m sure there s something in there if you can find it). his father’s religious beliefs included the strict tenet that it was morally wrong to help people socially, that it would encourage sin – so judging by his current agendas and propagandas I d say it s only a matter of time before he sets to on it with a vengeance.

      1. OK, so you think the Tories are “going” to do something to the Canada Health Act; or they have done something to the Canada Health Act and if so what?

    2. You lose a lot of credibility when you claim Pearson – a lifelong Liberal and diplomat, as a member of the PC party.

      And for what it’s worth, he enacted health care legislation while in a minority government, when he needed the support of the lefties.

      For that matter, most of the good legislation that Canadians love so much came during minority governments, when the Liberals needed the CCF or NDP to help them stay in power.

  2. Yes Liberal – Lester B. “Mike” Pearson; because Lester is no name for an Airman. Although I kind of also wonder what assault on Healthcare the Tories are being accused of … 

  3. I always knew them as “Crazy Cocky Farmers”, courtesy of  my (old white male) grandfather.  I’m sure he’d be voting repugnican if he could.

  4. January 8th, 1959
    The members’ voice in annual decree
    Has named you one who shall o’er see
    The record of the cash paid out eke received
    In CCF accounts; so minds may be relieved
    Of doubt that the great hoard of money fair
    Entrusted to my hand has not been thieved
    Or may perhaps squandered been, or hid within my lair
    But has been safely lodged in Royal’s vault
    And record kept all thirteen dollars, thirty cents of it.
    Will you then kindly sire, I humbly pray.
    Ah will you? Suppliant I ask, please name the day
    When you will wrestle with this mighty task
    And, to my record, add the signature I ask.
    –Margret Isabella Burton (my grandmother)
    Sent to Fred Jernslet to raise him to his duties of auditing the CCF books for Sannich before the annual meeting

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