An incarcerated Trump would focus on bodybuilding

Fox News's Jesse Watters predicts that if Donald J Trump is incarcerated, he will focus on bodybuilding and personal fitness rather than his immense failures or self-reflection.

Fox News intellectual giant Jesse Watters seems to have a bizarre idea of jail; it is not likely Judge Merchan will order the Orange Blimp put away for longer than it takes to lose some water weight. Watters also seemingly forgets who he is talking about when he suggests that Donald J. Trump is going to get jacked in jail. Trump is on a 77-year bulk and doesn't intend to stop now. The man who brought hamberders to the White House!

CHERKASKY: I think for the sake of our national security we would want to have protection of somebody that has that many state secrets. I mean this is a former president we're talking about. The practicality of this is preposterous. But again, Merchan keeps insisting that that's the next step here.

WATTERS: Alright. He's going to come out with a prison body. That's what happens when you go to prison. You work out. That's all there is to do. Katie, thank you.

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